Chen Shaowang Participated in the Deliberation of the Delegation of the Pilot Area of the Fourth Session of the 16th National People's Congress

2021-02-09 17:11

Yesterday afternoon, the Fourth Session of the 16th National People's Congress continued to deliberate in groups. Chen Shaowang, deputy of the Municipal People's Congress and mayor, came to the delegation of the pilot area to discuss with the delegates and listen to their opinions and suggestions.


Shoulder the great trust of the people of the whole city and care for the new round of revitalization and development of Dalian. During the deliberation, seven representatives including Wang Juying, Yin Songhe, Wang Shumin, Wen Tao, Qi Chen, Sun Longye and Yang Guangzhi made speeches one after another. Everyone gives examples, talks about feelings, makes suggestions and talks about development. While fully affirming the work of the municipal government, they put forward opinions and suggestions on building a strong marine city, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, deepening the Japanese and Korean markets, developing and expanding cultural industries, and building an ecological security barrier. Chen Shaowang listened carefully to everyone's speeches, responded to relevant questions one by one, and asked the report drafting group to carefully sort out the opinions and suggestions of the deputies and fully integrate them into the government Work Report and the future work of the municipal government.


Chen Shaowang fully affirmed the contribution made by the pilot area to the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in the whole city. He said that the pilot areas are pioneers in speeding up the construction of the "two pilot areas" in our city, It is necessary to thoroughly implement the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, Guided by the construction of "two first areas", taking "scientifically grasping the new development stage, thoroughly implementing the new development concept, and speeding up the construction of a new development pattern" as the main line, we strive to work hard on the word "first", clarify the direction, strengthen the goal, and pay close attention to implementation, so as to dare to fight for the first place, dare to surpass the leading position, and unswervingly promote high-quality development.


Chen Shaowang said that each pilot area should highlight the core position of innovation, speed up the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, strengthen key core technology research, cultivate diversified innovation subjects, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, build a highland of innovative talents, and promote scientific and technological self-reliance by greatly improving the ability of innovation strategy. It is necessary to do a solid job in transforming and upgrading "old brands", deeply developing "original brands" and cultivating and expanding "new brands", so as to cultivate new kinetic energy for high-quality development. It is necessary to speed up the creation of a modern new government with "one network management", "one network unified management" and "one network coordination", provide convenient and efficient government services for enterprises and the masses, and make every effort to create a business environment with convenient work, good rule of law, strong cost competitiveness and ecological livability. It is necessary to establish and improve an ecological environment protection system that is compatible with the new development pattern, promote comprehensive management, systematic management and source management of the ecological environment, and promote high-quality development with high-level protection of the ecological environment.