7 Dalian Enterprises Shortlisted for National Manufacturing Individual Champion
2021-12-28 10:01

It was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology that recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized and announced the sixth batch of single champion demonstration enterprises and single champion products in manufacturing industry, and 7 enterprises in our city were successfully shortlisted.


Among them, Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd., Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Coke Oven Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. and Dalian Ruigu Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded as individual champion demonstration enterprises in manufacturing industry; CRRC Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (main products AC electric locomotives), Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in super-large crude oil ship VLCC), Iceberg Cold and Hot Technology Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in industrial and commercial open screw refrigeration units and refrigeration systems) and Dalian Dali Kepu Technology Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in RF microwave MLCC) were awarded as individual champion products in manufacturing industry. Among the seven short-listed enterprises in our city, Dalian Ruigu Technology Co., Ltd. and Dalian Dali Kepu Technology Co., Ltd. are leading specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprises in China, and have grown into individual champions of manufacturing industry with outstanding main business, strong comprehensive strength and leading domestic and international.


At present, Dalian has 13 national manufacturing individual champions, including 8 demonstration enterprises and 5 individual champion products. The number of individual champions ranks first in the three northeastern provinces, accounting for 54% of Liaoning Province, and ranks 7th with Jinan among 15 sub-provincial cities in China. It is understood that the finalists of national manufacturing individual champions have strict requirements in terms of innovation ability and specialization, such as "engaging in related business fields for 10 years" and "the market share of individual products ranks among the top three in the world and the first in China". The number of finalists in our city not only shows the innovation ability, comprehensive strength and the position of main products in the international and domestic markets of Dalian enterprises, but also shows the regional economic strength of Dalian.


In the next step, our city will continue to do a good job in cultivating individual champions in manufacturing industry, Leading the innovation and development of enterprises, giving full play to the leading role of individual champion enterprises, driving the development of advantageous industries such as high-tech ships, intelligent equipment manufacturing, high-end bearings and advanced rail transit equipment, promoting the agglomeration and development of upstream and downstream enterprises and supporting enterprises in the industrial chain, and boosting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Dalian.