12th Dalian Vocational Skills Competition Ended Successfully
2021-12-28 10:00

In order to better carry forward the craftsman spirit of Excellence in the whole society, give full play to the role of vocational skills competition in training, selecting and encouraging high-skilled personnel. The 12th Dalian Vocational Skills Competition, sponsored by Dalian Municipal Government and jointly undertaken by Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, Dalian Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Municipal Intermediate People's Court, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and other relevant units, has been successfully concluded recently.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Employment Service Center of the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, After half a year, this competition has set up 22 competitions including aircraft maintenance, fitter, CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC machine tool maintenance, mechatronics, electronic technology, chemical inspection, electrician, Internet marketing, beauty, hairdressing, tea art, old-age care, domestic service, bearing grinder, speed recording, automobile technology, Chinese cooking, carpentry, welding, network and information security. The majority of urban and rural workers and students from colleges and vocational colleges (including technical colleges) can apply. In this year's competition categories, the competitions of aircraft maintenance, fitter, beauty, hairdressing, tea art and other events are all implemented with reference to the standards of the World Skills Competition. After the preliminary and semi-final selection, 1005 contestants finally entered the finals, and 181 outstanding contestants won the rankings and will receive corresponding rewards. Among them, the first winner of each event in the staff group was named "Dalian × × occupation (type of work) technical model", and the first winner of each event in the college group was named "Dalian × × occupation (type of work) technical star".


Over the years, our city has conscientiously implemented the outline of the national training plan for high-skilled talents, and made full use of the stage of vocational skills competition, so that more Dalian skilled personnel have embarked on the road of becoming talented and serving the country with skills. Dalian Vocational Skills Competition, as the representative of the highest level of competitive competition for skilled talents in the city, has been successfully held for 12 consecutive sessions, providing a stage for outstanding high-skilled talents to learn from each other, learn skills and show their style, and providing a steady stream of talent support for the high-quality economic and social development of Dalian.