Xi Attend APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting
2021-11-12 13:05

On November 11th, President Xi Jinping was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled "Adhering to Sustainable Development and Building a Community of Asia-Pacific Destiny" to the APEC CEO Summit in Beijing by video.


Xi pointed out that at present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading all over the world, and the recovery of the world economy is difficult and tortuous. The Asia-Pacific region should shoulder the responsibility of the times, play a leading role, and firmly move towards the goal of building a community of destiny in the Asia-Pacific region.


First, fight the epidemic with all our strength. The more difficult it is, the more confident it is, and the calm and brave it is. Facing this century test concerning the future and destiny of mankind, Asia-Pacific economies and all sectors of society should uphold the people's supremacy and life's supremacy, carry forward the scientific spirit, unite as one, and strive to win a complete victory in fighting the epidemic.