Qiushi Magazine Published Xi's Important Article "Strengthening Ideal and Belief to Complement the Spirit"
2021-11-01 15:36

The 21st issue of Qiushi Magazine published on November 1st will publish an important article by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the state and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, "Strengthening Ideal and Belief to Complement the Spirit ".


The article emphasizes that the revolutionary ideal is higher than heaven. Since its founding 100 years ago, the Communist Party of China has always been a party with lofty ideals and firm beliefs. This ideal and belief is the belief of Marxism, the lofty ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Ideals and beliefs are the spiritual pillar and political soul of the Chinese Communists, and also the ideological basis for maintaining the unity and unity of the Party. Ideals and beliefs are the spiritual "calcium" of Communists. Without ideals and beliefs, if they are not firm, they will suffer from "calcium deficiency" and "rickets" in spirit.


The article points out that strengthening ideals and beliefs and sticking to the spiritual pursuit of the Communists are always the foundation for the Communists to settle down. The firmness of ideals and beliefs comes from the firmness of ideology and theory. Knowing, mastering, believing and defending the truth are the spiritual prerequisites for strengthening ideals and beliefs. The Chinese Communists have firm ideals and beliefs because we pursue truth, because we follow laws and because we represent the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. When our party is named "Communist Party", it recognizes the lofty ideal of communism. In order to realize this lofty ideal, we must strengthen our belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The article points out that, to measure whether a Communist Party member and a leading cadre have lofty ideals of communism, there are objective standards, which depend on whether he can adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, whether he can endure hardships first and enjoy them later, whether he can work hard and be honest, whether he can fight for his ideals and give all his energy and even his life. All perplexed and hesitant views, all thoughts of timely pleasure, all acts of coveting self-interest, and all styles of inaction are incompatible with this.


The article points out that, During the period of peace building, Test whether a cadre's ideals and beliefs are firm, It mainly depends on whether cadres can have political determination in the face of major political tests, whether they can establish a firm sense of purpose, whether they can be extremely responsible for their work, whether they can bear hardships first and enjoy them later, whether they can shoulder heavy burdens bravely in the face of urgent and dangerous tasks, and whether they can stand the temptation of power, money and beauty.


The article points out that the formation of firm ideals and beliefs is neither achieved overnight nor once and for all, but should be constantly honed and tested in the practice of struggle. Strengthening ideals and beliefs is a lifelong task, which needs constant practice, faith and keeping for a lifetime.