Zhang Zhenduo
2021-11-01 10:39



Zhang Zhenduo, male, Han nationality, born in May 1972, is a member of the Communist Party of China. He has bachelor degree and master degree. Zhang is now deputy mayor and party member of Dalian Municipal People's Government, and the party secretary and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.


The positions previously held by Zhang include Party Committee Member and Deputy Director of Shenyang Public Security Bureau, Director of Command Center of Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau (deputy department level), Deputy Mayor of Jinzhou Municipal People's Government, Party Secretary and Director of Public Security Bureau, Deputy Director of Justice Department of Liaoning Province, Party Secretary and Director of Provincial Prison Administration. In September 2021, he served as deputy mayor and member of the Party Group of Dalian Municipal People's government, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.



Responsible for public security, justice, letters and visits.


In charge of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Justice Bureau.


Contact the Municipal Court, the Municipal Procuratorate, the Letters and Calls Bureau of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Dalian Maritime Court and the Municipal National Security Bureau.

Fulfill the "double duties for one position", be responsible for (supervising) the construction of the party's work style and clean government building of the units, and make great efforts to safety production management.