Sino-Japanese Ecological Demonstration New City in Full Swing to Grab Construction Period
2021-10-07 19:49

During the National Day holiday, the Sino-Japanese Ecological Demonstration New City, the "No.1 Project" determined by the municipal government this year, was in full swing. The project builders gave up their vacations and stuck to the front line of project construction, grabbed the construction period and ensured the quality, and went all out to promote the project construction.


Sino-Japanese Ecological Demonstration New City focuses on developing industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy vehicles and parts, creating an innovative, open, ecological and intelligent fourth-generation industrial park, building a 100 billion-level high-end equipment manufacturing industry ecology, and building the first choice for Japanese enterprises to invest in China. All relevant departments of Puwan Economic Zone and all builders of Sino-Japanese Ecological Demonstration New City have promoted the construction of Sino-Japanese Ecological Demonstration New City and its supporting projects with high standards, and the basic supporting facilities and public service level of the park have been continuously improved.


During the long holiday, the gateway square of Sino-Japanese ecological demonstration new city was busy. With the roar of machines, builders worked overtime to grab the progress, masonry, tiling and reinforcing fences … There were hot construction scenes everywhere. As an important guarantee and cornerstone of the hard environment construction of the park, the infrastructure construction of Sino-Japanese ecological demonstration new city is seizing the golden period of construction before winter, and all the work is fully promoted. Fang Zhongxin Construction, the general contractor of the project, carries forward the sense of responsibility and responsibility of central enterprises, carefully organizes the construction team, reverses the construction period, and fights on wall charts to ensure that the construction tasks are completed with high quality and quantity before winter this year. At present, road foundation construction has been carried out on No.3 Road of Phase I Project, in which pavement hardening and pedestrian pavement laying have been completed in 10 #-14 # sections of High-tech Park, and greening work is being intensified. At the same time, the infrastructure construction project of 5G lamppost, a smart network of Sino-Japanese ecological demonstration new city, has also been fully launched, and the construction is advancing at full speed.


The staff of Puwan Economic Zone Management Committee said that Puwan people will make every effort to seize the "golden construction season of infrastructure construction" this autumn, mobilize all forces to launch a sprint to the annual project target, and strive to build the Sino-Japanese ecological demonstration new city into a brand-new modern new city where Japanese-funded enterprises gather at an early date.