"Insurance + Futures" Project of Laying Hen Industry in Liupanshui City Implemented
2021-10-07 19:48

Recently, the egg "insurance + futures" price insurance project was implemented in Shuicheng District, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, the former counterpart city of Dalian. Shuicheng District of Liupanshui City (formerly Shuicheng County) was originally a national poverty-stricken county, to actively respond to the call of the state, Dalian Financial Development Bureau actively promoted, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Huarongrongda Futures, Zheshang Futures, Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China made joint efforts. Landing the "Farmers' Income Guarantee Plan of Dashang Institute" project, Guizhou Shanshui Qiannong Breeding Co., Ltd., a laying hen breeding enterprise located in Meiziguan Village, Shuicheng District, provided egg sales price guarantee, with an insurance amount of 2,648 tons, a target price of 4,380 yuan/half ton and an insurance amount of about 23.2 million yuan.


In order to help Meiziguan Village increase jobs and help poor people get rich and increase their income, Shuicheng District Government has adopted the industrial assistance mode of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + poor households" this year to promote the construction and operation of peach blossom chicken breeding project in this village. The breeding project provides 40 fixed jobs and more than 10,000 temporary workers for Meiziguan Village Racecourse, which has generated more than 1.72 million yuan for local personnel and driven poor households to increase their income by more than 130,000 yuan; At the same time, it will drive the peach blossom chicken industry in Shuicheng County to develop 6 breeding communities, provide more than 150 jobs and drive more than 800 people out of poverty.


Although the project has achieved certain benefits after its completion, how to make steady profits under the condition of frequent fluctuations in egg market prices has always puzzled business operators. "It is not difficult to raise chickens now, but how to make money is a problem." The relevant person in charge of Guizhou Shanshui Qiannong Breeding Co., Ltd. expressed the hope that the egg price insurance project launched this time can solve the problem of "depending on the weather" in egg production and operation, and bring stable income to breeding enterprises, cooperatives and poor households by guaranteeing the selling price of eggs.


It is understood that Dalian Han Wei Group has invested and built an ecological laying hen farm with a scale of 1.2 million feathers in the local area, which will provide great support for improving laying hen breeding technology and realizing egg export in Liupanshui area. This "insurance + futures" project will be tried first, which will provide an important starting point for the price risk management of local enterprises and farmers.


The person in charge of relevant departments of Huarong Rongda Futures said, the "insurance + futures" model has been running steadily for several years, in recent years, related products have been continuously improved and enriched, It not only reduces the difficulty of risk management for agricultural business entities, but also accurately solves the pain points of the industry. It will continue to play a guarantee role in helping to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and difficulties tackling and implement the rural revitalization strategy, and constantly explore the whole chain financial service mode of "insurance + futures + government + bank" to escort the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.