The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee Held a Meeting: Convey the Spirit of Xi's Important Speech
2021-10-30 13:10

On October 29th, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee held a meeting to convey the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Symposium on Deepening the Ecological Protection and High-quality Development of the Yellow River Basin, and to study and deploy the implementation work in our province. Provincial Party Secretary Zhang Guoqing presided over the meeting.


The meeting pointed out that to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's important speech, we must resolutely shoulder the political mission of safeguarding national ecological security, adhere to the correct view of political achievements, accurately grasp the relationship between protection and development, strictly abide by the ecological red line, pay attention to leaving blank and green, continuously accumulate and create green wealth, and improve people's sense of acquisition and happiness. According to the idea that grass and sand in landscapes, forests, lakes and lakes are a community of life, we should strengthen ecosystem construction, actively create Liaohe National Park, solidly promote the construction of water network projects, focus on building an ecosystem protection and restoration system coordinated by land and sea, and earnestly do a good job in ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection in the whole province.


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to implement the new development concept completely, accurately and comprehensively, firmly follow the green and low-carbon development path, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure and land use structure, and take solid steps in high-quality development. We must adhere to the political mission of maintaining the "five major security", the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand and the main line of supply-side structural reform. Plan to build a high-quality project group with a sense of the times, make great efforts to introduce and expand the scientific and technological enterprise group, greatly improve the local matching rate of head enterprises and the local conversion rate of scientific and technological innovation achievements, do a solid job in the "three major articles" of structural adjustment, and speed up the construction of digital Liaoning and a strong province with intelligence. It is necessary to implement the measures of double control of energy consumption, strictly control the blind launch of the "two high" projects, and enhance the ability of sustainable development.


The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen water security, resolutely implement water-based city, land, people and production, optimize the province's water resources allocation system, and take the road of intensive and economical development with effective water security, efficient utilization of water resources and obvious improvement of water ecology. It is necessary to make good use of water resources carefully, strictly manage water resources, strictly control the total water consumption intensity, and simultaneously promote agricultural water saving and efficiency improvement, industrial water saving and emission reduction. It is necessary to strengthen the management and protection of groundwater and strengthen the supervision of groundwater resources exploitation. It is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the protection and management of water ecological environment and enhance the water conservation capacity of river source areas. It is necessary to make scientific planning, strengthen overall planning, keep a close eye on the weak links of flood control, intensify the construction of disaster prevention and mitigation facilities, strengthen the construction of river flood control engineering system, urban flood control and drainage capacity and coastal typhoon prevention and moisture prevention capacity, enhance the technical defense capacity of civil air defense, improve the level of flood control and disaster reduction in the whole province, and protect people's lives.


The meeting also studied other matters.