Fully Deal with Heavy Snowfall to Ensure Normal Life in Dalian
2021-01-07 16:03

From 7:00: 00 on January 6, there was widespread snowfall in the main urban area of Dalian. By 15: 00, the snowfall was 8.1 mm, reaching the level of heavy snow. The snowfall coincides with a critical period of epidemic prevention and control in Dalian. In order to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and the removal of heavy snowfall, to ensure the normal living order of the city, the two-level snow removal headquarters in the city plan ahead of time, make careful arrangements, scientifically implement policies and respond quickly in accordance with the notice requirements of the municipal party Committee and the municipal government. Under the condition of forecasting sudden changes in small to medium snow and snow conditions, the snow removal operation team is organized to clear the roadside and bottom of the city's main roads, thus casting strong backing for the epidemic prevention and control work.


According to the weather forecast of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the Municipal Snow Removal Headquarters issued an emergency notice at 13:00: 00 on January 5 to start the city's snow removal work plan. All snow removal responsible units fully implemented the snow removal responsibility, prepared personnel, machinery and equipment, and ensured the normal production and living order of the city. During the snowfall, all the snow removal teams and mechanical equipment of various sanitation enterprises were dispatched to carry out operations on the road, with a total of more than 7,900 workers and 910 vehicles of various types. In key areas such as slopes and detours, snow melting agent will be spread in an appropriate amount, and road operations will be carried out in a way of "mechanical operations are the main and manual operations are the auxiliary". Each sanitation team focuses on clearing snow on road slopes and bends caused by snow, bus lines and road traffic around stations, especially around major hospitals, isolation areas and transportation hubs, thus ensuring the road opening status in real time. Zhongshan District arranges a snow situation lookout for each bid section in the backup work to ensure that the snow situation trend is grasped in the first place and the quick response is reminded in the first place. Xigang District carries out centralized management of all mechanical equipment and vehicle drivers, including foreign drivers, to ensure unified scheduling in the first place and timely and orderly snow removal operations. Shahekou District has fully deployed sanitation machinery operations, street mobilization organizations, law enforcement, inspection and punishment, and government agencies and institutions to take the lead to form a snow removal pattern for cities in the whole region with clear responsibilities, responsibilities and complementary advantages. Ganjingzi District temporarily transferred personnel from relevant departments of the municipal center to form a 100-person assault team to train snow removal operations and safe production contents on site and fully participate in snow removal work in the city. Party members and cadres from various government agencies and institutions in the high-tech zone took the initiative to take the lead in demonstrating and fully assisting the snow removal work in the area under their jurisdiction. Law enforcement and street staff went deep into social units facing the street and actively urged social forces to sweep snow.


Yesterday, in the heavy snow, the municipal snow removal headquarters office supervised the snow removal situation in real time and implemented command and dispatch through group on-site inspection. The snow removal work in the whole city was carried out in an orderly manner. The city's urban management system overcomes the fatigue of the recent continuous snow removal operations and reasonably allocates its forces. It will seize the favorable opportunity when the snow situation slows down at night, carry forward the spirit of continuous combat, carry out snow removal operations on urban roads, ensure the normal production and living order of the people, and help the city to complete the epidemic prevention and control tasks.

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