Dalian Strengthens the Organization and Overall Scheduling of Planting Production
2021-01-07 16:03

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dalian's planting system has conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the municipal party Committee and the municipal government, insisting on prevention and control at the same time, ensuring production and supply at the same time, and strengthening production organization and overall scheduling. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on January 5 that at present, the production situation of protected vegetables in the city is generally stable and can basically meet the total supply of vegetables in Dalian.


According to the dispatch, at present, the vegetable field area in Dalian is 93,000 mu. In December 2020, the vegetable output in our city will be 96,000 tons, and the expected output in January this year will be about 100,000 tons. At present, the main varieties planted are tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, celery, pakchoi, chrysanthemum, etc. According to the standard of about 0.5 kg per capita daily vegetable demand, the daily average consumption is about 33,000 tons, and the total production can meet the consumption demand.


In order to ensure the supply of vegetables, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau promptly issued the "Emergency Notice on Doing a Good Job in Vegetable Production during the Epidemic", requiring all localities to organize vegetable production as a key task at the current stage. According to the requirements of sufficient total amount, diverse types and quality and safety of local vegetables, and in combination with the production characteristics of protected vegetables in winter, farmers are guided to reasonably arrange the connection and conversion of stubbles, appropriately expand the area of leafy vegetables and fast-growing vegetables, and increase the market supply. Do a good job in the dynamic monitoring of vegetables and other "vegetable basket" products, find out the area and yield of vegetables in the field, predict the vegetable yield and the estimated time to market in a single week and month, and track and dispatch 20 representative facility vegetable communities, and track and dispatch the vegetable varieties, growth, yield and time to market in the base. Through telephone WeChat and on-the-spot investigation, we can understand the vegetable production situation and existing problems, and help coordinate and solve them in a targeted way. Remind farmers to enhance their awareness of protection and do a good job of personal protection in the process of producing and selling vegetables.


In view of the cold wave, strong wind and snowfall weather in Dalian since December 28 last year, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau and the Meteorological Bureau jointly issued the meteorological information in advance that "the management of facility agriculture needs to be strengthened when strong cold wave and strong wind weather is approaching", reminding the vast number of growers to strengthen the production management of facility agriculture, pay attention to the temperature increase and humidity adjustment in the shed, and ensure the normal growth of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, we will strengthen the inspection and protection of greenhouse safety production, do a good job in wind prevention and reinforcement, and ensure the normal production of facilities in winter. Recently, the Municipal Modern Agricultural Production Development Service Center has also sent relevant technical personnel to go deep into the main vegetable producing areas of facilities to guide vegetable farmers to do a good job in vegetable production and safety management in low temperature weather.

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