Tan Zuojun Presided over the Meeting of the Municipal General Command for Overall Promotion of Epidemic Prevention and Control, Economic and Social Development
2021-01-22 16:47

On January 21, the city's general headquarters for overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development held a meeting to study and deploy the city's key epidemic prevention and control work in winter and spring. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and commander-in-chief of the General Command, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor and commander-in-chief of the General Command, attended and the deputy commander-in-chief of the headquarters attended.


The meeting pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control situation in our city is stable and good, but the risk of "external prevention and import, internal prevention and rebound" still exists. The whole city should always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely overcome paralysis, fluky psychology and war weariness, give accurate guidance, implement accurate policies and exert accurate power, and be cautious in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control. To strictly implement the standard process of unsealing, do a good job in unsealing community personnel health monitoring, in and out of the temperature measurement and other work, to ensure that no risk points are missed. We should fasten the "iron barrel" protective net for imported goods, especially cold chain frozen goods, strictly implement the rules and regulations of employee management, enterprise prevention and control main responsibility, designated cold storage at the first station, designated transit warehouse, etc., and realize the risk control of all elements, all links and all chains. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the cold chain frozen products industry, strict requirements, strict checks, to do not according to the requirements of the standard management of cold chain enterprises resolutely rectify, completely eliminate risks. We should standardize the management of centralized isolation points, strengthen the guarantee of life services, do a good job in psychological counseling of isolation personnel, and resolutely prevent safety accidents. We should continue to strengthen medical treatment to ensure the early recovery and discharge of patients, and at the same time to prevent the occurrence of hospital sensation.


The meeting stressed that normal epidemic prevention and control should be taken as the lifeline of economic and social development, high vigilance should be maintained, risk boundaries should be clarified, the responsibilities of the "four parties" should be tightened, and a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring in our city should be built. We should further improve the regular epidemic prevention and control mechanism, integrate the strength of departments, refine the division of responsibilities, adhere to the combination of peacetime and wartime, carry out emergency drills, and build a more standardized and efficient prevention and control command system. It is necessary to strengthen the control of foreign personnel in the border (region), keep a close eye on key transportation hubs such as "two stations and one field", and improve the closed-loop management of the whole process of port quarantine, transshipment and delivery, centralized isolation and health monitoring. We should give prominence to the prevention and control of epidemic situations in rural areas, implement the "five have one grid" prevention and control measures, give full play to the role of frontier posts of township hospitals and village clinics, strengthen epidemic prevention publicity in ways that are acceptable to the masses, guide them to improve their awareness of self-protection, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of aggregated epidemic situations. We should optimize the joint defense and control mechanism, closely link port prevention and control with community prevention and control, and achieve a comprehensive arrangement, establish ledgers and grid management to ensure that there is no leakage of one household or one person. We should push forward the resumption of work and production in unsealed areas in an orderly manner, come up with more flexible and effective policies and measures, assist key enterprises to do a good job in organization and management, shift turnover and other work, help individual industrial and commercial households and other market players to tide over difficulties, and strive to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

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