Dalian Held 2021 Conscription Work Conference
2021-01-22 16:46

Yesterday, Dalian held a teleconference on conscription in 2021. Dalian Military Division Commander Ji Plateau, members of the leading group for conscription work at the city and county levels and relevant personnel attended the meeting.


It was emphasized that, this year is the first year that the "two levies a year" reform has been implemented. All levels should resolutely implement the requirements of the reform of the national conscription policy. On the basis of ensuring the successful completion of the two-season conscription task, they should achieve the work objectives of "five rates" assessment, stable control of the current level of college student recruits, a substantial increase in the recruitment rate of college graduates, no responsibility to withdraw troops and clean conscription. We should continue to strengthen the organization and leadership, carefully organize and strictly implement, step on the important links such as publicity and mobilization, physical examination and political examination, pre-service training, handover and transportation, and strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. We should recruit more high-quality soldiers and do a good job in enlisting all kinds of public officials and enterprise employees in accordance with the law. All districts, cities, counties and colleges and universities should divide the task of recruiting college graduates into villages, towns and classes so that at least 2 college graduates from each village and class can join the army. We should always strengthen clean conscription and strictly implement various systems of clean conscription. All departments at all levels of the army and the ground should take the initiative, closely coordinate and cooperate with each other, and comprehensively implement policies to ensure the high-quality completion of the annual conscription task.

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