Volunteers in Dalian Salute People's Police
2021-01-11 18:30

January 10 is the first Chinese People's Police Festival. The vast number of people's police Dalian have been fighting in the front line of fighting the epidemic and protecting the safety of the people. Yesterday morning, Under the guidance of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Municipal Charity Federation, Wang Lianlian, president of Dalian Qihang Judicial Correction Association, captain of the city's volunteer anti-drug volunteer service, head of the city's charity Federation's love assistance and education program, and volunteers went to some public security and judicial supervision places such as prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, detention centers and detention centers in the city. Visit the people's police who have no regrets and persevere and work hard, and send gifts such as cakes and thermos cups to extend festive greetings and high respect. Volunteers wish the broad masses of people's police a happy holiday and smooth work, making new and greater contributions to ensuring national security, people's happiness and social stability.

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