Dalian Public Security: Oath to Police Flag
2021-01-11 18:29


Yesterday morning, on the occasion of the first "Chinese People's Police Festival", Dalian police held an oath ceremony to the police flag.


At 9: 45, the atmosphere in the Municipal Public Security Bureau was solemn. More than 100 police representatives from different police departments were tall and straight, full of energy, and lined up in neat squads, waiting for the swearing-in ceremony.


At 10 o'clock sharp, the ceremony officially began. As the magnificent "Chinese People's Police Song" sounded, the honor guard members held the police flag high and marched into the stadium. All the police on the scene solemnly looked at the police flag to welcome it.


"I swear: I volunteer to become the people's police of the people's Republic of China, devote myself to the lofty cause of the people's public security, and resolutely be loyal to the party, serve the people, enforce the law fairly and have strict discipline..." Under the leadership of the oath taker, all the policemen on the scene held high their right hands and solemnly swore to the police flag with loud voice and full enthusiasm. Every oath is forceful and shows Dalian's public security's good spirit of loyalty to the Party, serving the people, impartial law enforcement and strict discipline.


The establishment of the "Chinese People's Police Festival", It embodies a distinct political nature, a wide range of people's nature and the symbol of the police profession. It is an important measure to further improve and perfect the honor system and symbol system of the people's police. It is of great significance to enhance the sense of honor, pride and belonging of the majority of police profession and to promote the revolutionary, standardized, professional and professional construction of the people's police force.


Over the past year, Dalian Public Security Bureau has been guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech. Keeping in mind the general requirements of "loyalty to the Party, serving the people, impartiality in law enforcement and strict discipline", In-depth practice of the concept of "loving Dalian, loving public security and loving posts", earnestly implement the work arrangements of the municipal party Committee, the municipal government and the public security organs at higher levels, make every effort to fight the epidemic, prevent risks, ensure stability and protect development, and overcome difficulties and stride forward in the goal of building "the best police mode, the best public security team and the best safe environment".


In the face of the epidemic situation examination, Dalian Public Security Bureau has set up a flow transfer team of more than 900 people, pushing a total of more than 2.9 million valid data, providing an accurate basis for prevention and control decisions. The city's police stations and more than 3,400 community police forces have tied up with street communities to fight, and have fully implemented measures such as closed management of residential areas, personnel investigation and isolation, and full detection. To safeguard the safety of Bincheng, Dalian Public Security has cracked down on a number of gangs involved in black and evil, such as "Liu Bang and others' underworld organizations". Since the special struggle against black and evil, 1,573 suspects involved in black and evil have been arrested. Various special operations such as "Yunjian 2020", "Broken Card" and "Sharp Sword No.2" have been carried out as a whole. 29 long-standing homicide cases have been solved in a row, and 34 current homicide cases have been solved immediately. In the process of optimizing the construction of a business environment ruled by law, Dalian Public Security has formulated and issued four policies and plans, including "Ten Measures to Help Enterprises Resume Work and Resume Production". It has handled more than 92,000 items for the masses of enterprises, further promoted the "Ten Thousand Policemen Joining Ten Thousand Enterprises" campaign, visited more than 40,000 enterprises, and solved more than 2,600 demands of enterprises. Take police stations and communities as the forefront of business services and create a "comprehensive service window"; We will promote the promulgation of "Several Provisions on the Administration of Household Registration in Dalian". In 2020, the number of people moving in and settling in the city will exceed 100,000, a record high.


In the winter sun, the police flag looks very bright. Dalian Public Security Bureau will continue to carry out its loyalty to the Party, serve the people, enforce the law fairly, have strict discipline, Efforts will be made to build a higher level of safe China and a China ruled by law, to make new and greater contributions to the protection of people's happiness, national security and social stability, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements, to continue to write about the new glory of the people's police force, and to add new luster to the police flag.

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