2020 China-Japan (Dalian) Education Forum Held
2020-09-27 12:13

Yesterday, at the 2020 China-Japan (Dalian) Education Forum hosted by Dalian Municipal People's Government and hosted by Dalian Education Bureau and Dalian Municipal Committee of NLD, Chinese and Japanese education experts focused on the reform and trend of Sino-Japanese education development and jointly discussed countermeasures with the theme of 'Innovative Development of Education in Northeast Asia under the Background of Epidemic Situation'.


Kamei, chief representative of Japan's consular office in Dalian, said that youth exchanges and educational exchanges between Japan and China are the basis for training talents for exchanges between the two countries, and the Japanese government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attach great importance to relevant work. For a long time, Dalian has carried out rich and colorful educational, cultural and sports exchanges with friendly cities, schools, non-governmental enterprises and organizations in Japan. It is expected that Dalian and Japanese cities will have closer exchanges in various fields such as economy and culture, and strengthen exchanges in various fields such as higher education, vocational education and basic education.


Li Tianshun, vice-chairman of the China Education Association and state inspector, said that it is our strategic choice to use information technology to update educational concepts, change educational models, promote educational innovation and help educational modernization with information technology. In the future, online education and offline education will be further integrated in depth, which will also lead to subversive changes in educational ecology, educational environment, educational methods and educational management.


In addition, Liu Zhanshan, Executive Vice President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association and former Education Counsellor of China Consulate General in Osaka, Japan, Ping Liang, President of Dalian Japanese School, Gao Hong, Executive Vice President of Liaoning Vocational and Technical Education Association, Han Min, President of Dalian No.16 Middle School, Chen Feng, Vice President of New Oriental Dalian School and other guests also delivered keynote speeches.