Wafangdian City: Creating a Leading Business Environment in Northeast Counties
2020-09-24 17:24

From 'entering only one door' to 'entering only one special area', From 'the last kilometer' to 'zero distance', Wafangdian City, aiming at the different 'subjects' of enterprises and citizens, has made precise policies and efforts in the overall 'transformation and upgrading' of the business environment, leaving the 'troubles' of enterprises and citizens to itself, truly providing 'intelligent, standardized, efficient and convenient' government services, and striving to create a leading business environment in Northeast counties.


In order to provide the most convenient conditions for enterprises to start up, The Wafangdian City Government Service Center has planned the office area on the east side of the third floor as a 'new enterprise examination and approval area'. All departments and enterprises related to the establishment of enterprises, such as markets, taxation, commercial banks, tax-controlled companies, postal services, etc., have been stationed in the center, breaking departmental boundaries, implementing centralized office, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprise establishment from 'only entering one door' to 'only entering one area'. The special area is equipped with a bank remote mobile terminal to realize the bank account opening function. With the official use of the business license self-service printer, enterprises do not need to queue up at the window, but can print the business license within one minute by themselves as long as they take their ID cards and carry out face recognition, thus realizing seamless connection of online declaration, online approval and self-service printing. At the same time, a 'self-service experience area' will be set up in the area, equipped with high-performance computers and service specialists to help enterprises handle electronic registration services. The special zone has also set up a 'deputy center for newly-established enterprises' and has a team of professional deputy service specialists to provide high-quality one-on-one services such as professional policy consultation, form filling, receipt and submission for examination for newly-established enterprises, so as to ensure that newly-established enterprises 'run all the way online and all the deputy offices offline'. At the same time, Wafangdian City has reduced the registration of enterprise establishment, official seal engraving, bank account opening and invoice application to 4 hours through information sharing, streamlining of materials and compression of procedures.


After the completion and operation of the Wafangdian City Government Service Center, although the masses 'only enter one door' and reduce the number of runs, the running distance is still a big problem for the masses in suburbs and villages and towns. For the convenience of the masses, Wafangdian City took the lead in carrying out the 'nearby' work on social security and medical insurance matters in Dalian. The six basic business authorities of social security and medical insurance will be delegated to the township (street) level in the city. 111 service stations (including 87 village and community service stations) will be built. A total of 229 leaders, responsible persons and full-time window personnel were clearly identified. Supporting the installation of business private network and office equipment, to achieve the goal of '15-minute government service circle', to provide the city's people with a new way to 'door-to-door' type of work, so as to be able to do online without running errands, need to do on-site work immediately, greatly saving the work time, reducing the work cost, shortening the 'last kilometer' of government service to the 'zero distance' of convenience service.

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