China Metallurgical North Will Not Slow down in Promoting Greening and Wisdom
2020-09-24 17:27

Yesterday, under the unified guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Group, China Metallurgical North Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Further promoted the theme education of 'Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in Mind the Mission' and specially planned the brand publicity activities of the Metallurgical Construction National Team 'Keeping in Mind the Initial Mission, Determined to Be Loyal to the Party'.


This activity invites representatives of Angang, Bengang, Magang, Northeast Special Steel, Ling gang, Taigang, Yonggang and other enterprises. Together with the company's technical experts in the field of metallurgy and iron industry, we will review how China Metallurgical North will unswervingly focus on its main responsibilities, so that the brand image of 'ingenuity in the North and win-win service' will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the activities will really have multiple effects of situation and task education, patriotism education, brand communication and corporate culture propaganda. Delegates visited the image exhibition hall of China Metallurgical North and the core technology exhibition boards of 'Green Steel Plant' and 'Green Mine', experienced the virtual reality technology of smart mines, and fully understood the development process of China Metallurgical North as the first ferrous metal mine design and research institute established in New China in the past 64 years.


Dong Tao, chairman of China Metallurgical North Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., said that although affected by the epidemic, the company's employees overcame difficulties, the entire design progress was not affected, and the project was completed within the scheduled construction period. As that iron and steel metallurgy industry enter a period of deep adjustment, As well as the popularity of the new concept of green development, China Metallurgical North takes building 'green steel mills', 'green mines' and 'intelligent mines' as its own duty. It has established four main businesses of mining, mineral processing, sintering and pelletizing, as well as three energy-saving and environmental protection businesses of industrial flue gas and sewage treatment, comprehensive recycling and utilization of resources, and environmental protection and intelligent control of stockyards. A core technology package for metallurgical energy conservation and emission reduction with market competitiveness has been formed, leading the industry in deep safe and efficient mining technology for metal mines, green waste-free mining technology, core technology for smart mines, and integration of lean ore beneficiation technology and equipment leading the world. The company has done a lot of work in sintering flue gas circulation technology, which can reduce the external displacement of sintering flue gas by more than 20% and greatly reduce the investment and operation cost of sintering flue gas treatment facilities.


Zhang Liuyu, vice president of Jiangsu Yonggang Group, said that Yonggang Group has been cooperating with China Metallurgical North for more than 10 years. Yonggang Group has applied many energy-saving and environmental protection technologies in the north of China Metallurgical Corporation, such as the first set of domestically produced sintering desulfurization and denitration projects. Pollutants and dust have been greatly reduced, and the surrounding environment and workers' working environment have been greatly improved. Representatives of steel enterprises also showed great interest in new technologies such as 'multifunctional and efficient ring cooler technology' independently developed by China Metallurgical North.

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