The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued "Several Guiding Opinions on Further Supporting the Rapid Development of Enterprises"
2020-09-24 18:01

In order to solve the blocking points, pain points and difficult problems in the current development of the city's real economy, Fully release the potential of social entrepreneurship and innovation, Stimulate the vitality of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, Accurately and steadily push forward its resumption of work and production, A few days ago, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued 'Several Guiding Opinions on Further Supporting the Rapid Development of Enterprises', The focus is on fully supporting enterprises to enhance their name competitiveness, fully unlocking the restrictions on residence registration of enterprises, all types of inclusive capital contribution methods, promoting standardized registration of business scope through the whole chain, improving the convenience of registration through the whole process, and speeding up the common development of diversified economies through full accommodation.


We will fully support the use of the words 'group' and 'chain' in enterprise names and names without administrative divisions to enhance the competitiveness of names.


Fully unlock the residence registration restrictions of enterprises, allow enterprises to 'take multiple licenses at one address' and 'take multiple address at one licenses', submit legal use certificates to handle residence registration, and support cluster registration. If a place with unclear definition of property rights due to historical reasons intends to apply for residence, it shall be handled in accordance with the principle of 'seeking truth from facts, supporting development, one district, one policy, one case, one discussion'. The 'Residence Registration Declaration System' will be introduced to release residence resources.


Encourage enterprises to invest in state-owned land use rights, rural land management rights, intellectual property rights, equity rights, creditor's rights, sea area use rights, etc. to realize the effective conversion of assets to capital, property rights to equity. Non-monetary property that is allowed to be valued in currency and transferred according to law is allowed to be valued and invested.


We will change the way we fill in and register the business scope, solve the problems of difficulty in filling in the application for the business scope of applicants and inconsistent registration standards in different regions, and support enterprises to apply for the business scope of concepts such as online marketing, live broadcast of goods, new energy, new materials, block chain technology, digital economy, etc. If an enterprise involves licensing changes to specific items in its business scope, it will be exempted from registration of changes as long as it is within the registered items.


The start-up time of general enterprises will be reduced to less than 4 hours, and the time limit for enterprise registration will be reduced to less than 2 hours. For enterprises with simple cancellation, compulsory liquidation, termination of bankruptcy procedures or special needs, the whole process of assistance and immediate settlement shall be realized. In the city's government service halls at all levels and some bank outlets, a 'self-service license service integrated machine' will be set up to gradually realize the 'city-wide office'.


Diversified follow-up and guidance services will be provided to state-owned enterprises, non-corporate legal persons, foreign-invested enterprises and other enterprises that have been restructured (reformed).

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