Dalian Police Launched the "4 +4" Measures to Optimize the Rule of Law Business Environment Construction Work
2020-09-24 18:39

In order to further study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the flag-raising ceremony of the Chinese People's Police, To implement the provincial and municipal business environment construction work conference, In particular, the spirit of the conference on optimizing the legal business environment, Dalian police have thoroughly practiced the concept of 'loving Dalian, loving public security and loving posts', combined with the actual business environment of the public security organs in the city, to highlight the four measures of 'ruling by law' and the four mechanisms to ensure the 'big implementation' of the whole police, and to fully mobilize and deploy the public security organs in the city to carry out a new round of 'optimizing the construction of the business environment ruled by law'.


Four Major Measures Highlight 'Legalization' of Business


Dalian police in combination with the four-sentence requirements of 'convenient work, good rule of law, strong cost competitiveness and ecological livability' put forward by the provincial party Committee, have implemented 'how to play more effectively, how to put in place, how to serve with better quality and how to manage more effectively' with four practical measures, effectively highlighting the 'rule of law' in the construction of the business environment.


We will further carry out the reform of 'releasing management services'. All examination and approval items should be decentralized in an all-round and all-chain way, from the places where the masses are most dissatisfied to the simplification of government, and from the problems most strongly reflected by enterprises to the decentralization. Focus on the blocking points and focuses that affect the work of the masses and enterprises, resolutely reduce all unnecessary approvals, cut down all unreasonable thresholds, simplify all procedures for running back and forth, minimize the processing time limit, and let 'one thing run at most once' so as to truly realize the simplest, best and fastest work flow. We will rebuild the 'One Netcom Office' and introduce more 'one-stop' services in public security, household registration, entry and exit, etc. We will continue to promote the in-depth integration of online and offline and the overall linkage of public security and government services, so that the general public will have more, more direct and more real sense of access.


Combined with the 'Year of Law Enforcement and Case Handling', the problem of irregular law enforcement will be solved. From the level of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, a system of rules and regulations should be established to ensure that the city's public security organs adhere to the standard of 'one ruler', to be fair and just, to handle every case in accordance with the law and regulations, and to ensure that the public security law enforcement is objective, rational, fair and standardized. Resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of being unwilling to handle cases and not taking the initiative to handle cases, so as to avoid causing losses to enterprises and the masses. Resolutely put an end to handling human relations cases, so as to truly make the environment for law enforcement and case handling clean, impartial and ensure absolute justice.


Fully safeguard the main position of 'safe environment'. Safety is the biggest business environment. Our city's police will base themselves on their own duties, prevent and resolve major risks, crack down on illegal competition, raise illegal costs, and earnestly safeguard law-abiding business interests. We will keep a close eye on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities such as pornography, robbery and deception, food and drug ring, etc. We will do a good job in the regular crackdown, create a good social stability environment for the construction of the business environment in our city, and let the masses and investors obtain the greatest sense of security.


Promoting 'Civilized and Livable' in an All-round Way. Give full play to the ecological and livable advantages of our city, based on the public security functions, focus on solving traffic congestion, parking difficulties, food safety and other issues, and further intensify the crackdown. It is understood that the Municipal Public Security Bureau has organized a special crackdown on crimes involving the sea and rivers, providing a good natural ecological environment for the construction of the business environment in our city. At the same time, the police in our city will also expand their thinking on governance and protection and come up with better measures and methods in combination with reality.


Four Mechanisms to Ensure 'Great Implementation' of All Police


We will set up the strongest organizational system, create the hardest work style, win the trust of the people and build the best system and mechanism. In the early days, on the basis of further promoting the 'ten thousand police and ten thousand enterprises' campaign, the police in our city deepened the reform of 'releasing management services' around the handling of entry and exit certificates, household registration, transportation and other aspects, and launched a series of effective measures such as 'ten measures to strengthen scientific prevention and control of epidemic situations and help enterprises resume work and production'.


In this regard, Dalian police will ensure that everything will be secured and each piece will be answered. The public security organs at all levels in the city immediately conducted a comprehensive and detailed investigation around their commitments to the masses and enterprises, resolutely rectified them in place, and did what they said.


In addition, the construction of the best institutional mechanism. Public security organs at all levels in the city will further strengthen the system construction, improve the mechanism process, and ensure that all work to optimize the legal business environment has rules to follow. For business environment problems, adhere to the 'strict' tone, establish rules and enforce them, strengthen 'zero tolerance', 'full coverage' and 'no forbidden zones', conduct blanket and rolling investigations and unannounced visits, and immediately deal with problems found.

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