2020 China (Dalian) Clothing Fair Successfully Ends
2020-09-22 09:21

The 2020 China (Dalian) International Clothing and Textile Expo ended successfully yesterday. Under the circumstances that the epidemic situation has been steadily controlled and the situation continues to improve, the successful holding of this Expo vividly illustrates the city spirit of making concerted efforts to overcome difficulties. As a national exhibition, China (Dalian) Service Fair has taken the initiative to take the lead in making accurate efforts and effectively coping with a series of risks and challenges, demonstrating the important role of taking the lead in promoting the garment industry and garment enterprises in the process of resuming work and production nationwide and ensuring people's livelihood.


The theme of the China (Dalian) Service Fair is 'Wisdom Clothes'. In order to promote in-depth exchanges and strengthen cooperation between domestic and foreign garment and textile industry enterprises and professionals, deepen industrial transformation and upgrading in a wider range, in a wider range and at a higher level, further build a modern industrial chain and supply chain system, and realize the high-quality development of China's garment and textile industry, it has played an important role and made positive contributions.


In line with the new situation and new characteristics of the development of the industry, this service fair is the first time to go to the cloud, build a digital service cloud platform, carry out online and offline exhibitions, and use the cloud platform to help enterprises create new formats, restructure the industrial chain, and open a new mode of online and offline integration exhibition. It has realized all-round technological innovations such as cloud viewing, cloud viewing, cloud live broadcasting, cloud exhibition, cloud docking, cloud negotiation, etc. It has also set up an online business opportunity platform to attract many professional buyers, purchasers and professional viewers to watch and connect online. The number of online and offline viewers at home and abroad has reached more than one million, and the amount of various transaction intentions has also increased significantly compared with last year.


From September 19 to 21, the Expo held an offline physical exhibition in Dalian World Expo Plaza, covering an area of 36,000 square meters and participating in more than 1,000 businesses and enterprises of various types at home and abroad. The activities are rich and colorful, Successfully held the opening ceremony of the 2020 China (Dalian) Service Expo, Dalian Autumn Fashion Week 2020, 'Dalian Cup' International Youth Fashion Design Competition, 'Dalian Release' of China's Textile and Clothing Industry, Annual Meeting of China Garment Association Customization Professional Committee, China Dalian International Fashion Wedding Dress Design Summit, Annual Meeting of China Fashion Designers Association Professional Fashion Model Committee, Various Professional Docking Meetings, Various Selection, etc. Fully combining with the '2020 Dalian Shopping Festival 0411 Consumption Season' activities, we have stepped up cooperation with Dalian's shopping malls and department stores, further driving the recovery of development vitality in Dalian's commercial consumption field.


Yesterday morning, the 2020 China (Dalian) Clothing Fair held an award ceremony. Xie Fangming, vice chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, and others presented awards to the winners. Dalian Dayang Garment Customization Technology Co., Ltd. And other 34 units won the Best Exhibitor Award, Shangxi (Shanghai) Fashion Co., Ltd. And other 9 units won the Best Exhibitor Organization Award, and Jilin Garment Designers Association and other 5 units won the Best Purchaser Organization Award.


Dalian Fashion Week 2020 (Autumn), which opens at the same time as the Expo, will last for 7 days and will continue to be held.