Mutual Benefit and Win-Win between China and Europe Lead Cooperation in Post-Epidemic Era
2020-09-14 10:55

Leaders of China, Germany and the European Union will meet via video on September 14. All parties have been looking forward to this important meeting for a long time.


At present, economic globalization is facing a counter-current, unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, and the instability and uncertainty facing the world are obviously increasing. Faced with increasingly severe global challenges, China and the EU will strengthen communication and cooperation through this meeting, jointly safeguard multilateralism and free trade, send a positive signal to safeguard world peace, stability and prosperity, and inject confidence and impetus into world economic development in the post-epidemic era.


Two Partners Unite and Cooperate to Fight the Epidemic


With the continuous spread of the new crown epidemic, the global economic and social operation has been severely impacted, triggering a complicated and turbulent situation. In the face of great difficulties, China and the EU have worked closely and helped each other, demonstrating the spirit of helping each other in the same boat and overcoming difficulties together.


At the most difficult time for China to fight the epidemic, many European countries donated anti-epidemic materials to China, and European folk also provided valuable support to China through concerts, charity sales and other forms of fund-raising. Since then, the epidemic has spread rapidly in Europe, and China also feels the same way. It has raised a large amount of materials to rescue European countries, unreservedly shared its anti-epidemic experience, and has sent several medical expert groups to Italy's worst-hit areas to assist in the fight against the epidemic.


Michael Schumann, president of the German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade, said that EU countries were not influenced by conspiracy theories and anti-intellectualism in their anti-epidemic cooperation with China, but upheld a scientific and pragmatic spirit, which is the proper attitude to face global challenges.


The head of the EU delegation to China and the ambassadors of the 27 EU countries to China have jointly published an article saying that the only way out in the face of the epidemic is to unite and cooperate. The same is true of many other areas of global affairs, which require Europe and China to work together.


Two Major Markets to Promote Development and Prosperity


How to jointly promote scientific and orderly resumption of work and production and stimulate economic recovery in the post-epidemic era under the condition of well preventing and controlling the epidemic has become a topic of common concern to the two major economies of China and Europe.


At present, Chinese enterprises are striving to maintain a stable and smooth global industrial chain and supply chain. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of China-EU trains has risen against the trend. As of July, it has operated more than 1,000 trains per month for three consecutive months. It has played an important role in ensuring smooth logistics and stable material supply in China-EU and countries along the 'the belt and road initiative' route under the epidemic, and has become the 'fate link' for all countries to join hands in fighting the epidemic.


Greece's 'Every Daily' said that COSCO Shipping Group has improved the competitiveness of Greece's Piraeus Port, where many goods from Asia transported to Europe by sea transit, which has enhanced the port's ability to withstand the impact of the epidemic and its throughput has declined less than that of other European ports.


Negotiations on the China-EU Investment Agreement are expected to be completed within the two sides will promise to further open their markets to each other and provide a fair and non-discriminatory trade and investment environment for enterprises of both sides. This will undoubtedly be a major good news for the global economy.


Gu Xuewu, director of the Center for Global Studies at Bonn University in Germany, pointed out that China and Europe currently have many cooperation projects in 5G network construction, the combination of industry 4.0 and digital economy, the field of general health, the field of green environmental protection, and investment and construction in Africa. China and Europe cooperate with each other in products, technologies and markets and learn from each other's strong points. This will help rebuild the global industrial chain that broke off due to the epidemic and the trade war launched by the United States and drive global economic growth.


Two Civilizations Supporting Multilateral Cooperation


This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the EU, with frequent high-level exchanges between the two sides During telephone conversations, video conferences and offline meetings, both sides expressed their willingness to jointly safeguard world multipolarization, support multilateralism, oppose unilateralism, safeguard free trade and deepen global governance cooperation.


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out in a speech at the French Institute of International Relations on August 30 that unilateral bullying has become the biggest challenge facing the international multilateral order. 'China regards the EU as an important force in the process of world multipolarization and is willing to work with the EU to safeguard the effectiveness and authority of the multilateral system and safeguard fairness and justice and the international order.


In recent years, China and Europe have carried out close cooperation on international hot issues such as the Iranian nuclear issue and the withdrawal of the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which has played a powerful role in maintaining world peace and stability.


In July this year, Germany began to hold the rotating presidency of the EU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly said that she will lead the EU and China to have more dialogue and cooperation. The German government recently issued a foreign policy guidance document 'India-Pacific Policy: Jointly Shaping the 21st Century'. The 72-page document mentions China 59 times and points out the potential and opportunities for cooperation and interaction with China in different fields, including clean coal burning, preventing nuclear proliferation, strengthening the role of the United Nations, and higher education.


French Foreign Minister Le Drian said during talks with Wang Yi at the end of August that France hopes to work with China to promote the success of the Marseille World Conservation Congress and the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Kunming Convention on Biological Diversity, strengthen international cooperation in tackling climate change, jointly promote the development of the global digital economy, and demonstrate the exemplary role of France in safeguarding multilateralism.


Volker Chapok, honorary chairman of the Prussian Association in Berlin, said that since the US Trump administration came to power, unilateral bullying has intensified. While suppressing the normal operation of Chinese enterprises, it is also suppressing European enterprises, such as the 'Nord Stream 2' natural gas pipeline project. Europe is also a victim of U.S. Unilateralism. The EU and China have common interests in safeguarding multilateralism.