High-tech Zone Policy Supports "Combination Boxing" to Promote "High and New" Development
2020-09-11 09:22

Yesterday, a press conference was held on 'Several Policies for Dalian High-tech Zone to Gather Innovative Elements to Promote' High and New 'High-quality Development'. In view of the '1 +5' high-tech industry that the high-tech zone focuses on, 27 policies were aimed at 35 focus points. Starting from the elements of innovation, Focusing on talents, technological innovation, finance and development environment, Facing all kinds of innovative enterprises, through 'precise, simple and effective' policy guidance and financial investment, we will attract and cultivate innovative factor resources to gather in high-tech zones, promote the in-depth integration of innovation chain, industrial chain and capital chain, build innovative entrepreneurship ecology and modern industrial system, and promote the high-quality development of high-tech zones.


It is reported that the new policy series of documents for the high-tech zone consists of one policy text, one detailed implementation rules and seven implementation documents. Among them, 'high and new' is the unique definition and goal to achieve high-quality development. This time, the high-tech zone has launched a 'combination fist' of policy support. While arranging special financial funds, it has also set up an industrial entrepreneurship guidance investment fund, established a market-oriented investment and financing mechanism, guided the establishment of sub-funds, and started a 'equity investment' mode to support enterprise development. We will further clarify the direction of '1 +5' key industries in high-tech zones. '1' is the software and information technology service industry, and '5' is the five key industries of clean energy, life science, intelligent manufacturing, marine science and technology, and cultural creativity. The new policy series of documents consists of 'main documents + detailed implementation rules +7 implementation documents'. They are promulgated simultaneously and have transparent information, which facilitates enterprises to fully understand the policy contents, specific requirements, application materials, operating procedures and other information. The benchmarking is clear, the process is clear, and the preparation is orderly.


The new policy emphasizes the use of 'real money and silver' to empower enterprises, with more than half of the clauses that can support enterprises up to 10 million yuan. Emphasize the 'performance appraisal' of enterprises; Emphasize that 'good policies require better services', complete the review within 12 working days and allocate funds within 3 working days, reflecting high efficiency. Emphasize 'activating social forces'. The new policy also highlights the 'high and new' high-quality development goal orientation. Highlight the All-Factor Force for Innovation; Highlight the core value of talents; Highlight the main position of the enterprise; Highlight the precise implementation of policies for enterprises.

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