Notice of Dalian Municipal People's Government Office Printing and Distributing Dalian's Implementation Plan for Implementing the Opinions of Liaoning Provincial People's Government on Accelerating Economic and Trade Cooperation in Northeast Asia and Crea
2020-07-21 17:57

The people's governments of all districts, cities and counties, the administrative committees of the pilot districts, the relevant departments of the municipal government and the relevant units:


With the consent of the Municipal Government, the Implementation Plan for Dalian to Implement the Opinions of Liaoning Provincial People's Government on Accelerating Economic and Trade Cooperation in Northeast Asia and Creating a New Frontier for Opening to the Outside World is hereby issued, please earnestly implement it.


Dalian Municipal People's Government Office

July 21, 2020


Dalian City Implements the Implementation Plan of 'Opinions of Liaoning Provincial People's Government on Accelerating Economic and Trade Cooperation in Northeast Asia and Creating a New Frontier for Opening to the Outside World'


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his inspection tour in Liaoning and at the Symposium on Further Promoting the Revitalization of Northeast China, To promote Dalian's deep integration into the national 'the belt and road initiative' construction, To better play its core function and leading role in the establishment of Liaoning Northeast Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation Leading Zone, according to the Opinions of Liaoning Provincial People's Government on Accelerating Northeast Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation and Creating a New Frontier of Opening to the Outside World (Liao Zheng Fa [2019] No.15), and in combination with the actual situation in our city, the following implementation plan is formulated.


I. General Requirements


Adhering to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, With the goal of deepening cooperation and expanding opening up, with the focus on strengthening two-way trade and investment, with the implementation of key projects as the carrier, we will strengthen all-round, wide-ranging and deep-level open cooperation with Northeast Asian countries, take the lead in participating countries' construction of Northeast Asian economic circle and promotion of the overall revitalization of Northeast China, and be a pioneer in creating a new frontier of economic and trade cooperation with Northeast Asia.


II. Working Principles


  1. Overall planning and overall promotion. Fully consider the characteristics and differences of the political and economic development level of Northeast Asian countries, make overall plans, comprehensively promote and improve the cooperation content, and promote the coordinated development of multi-level and all-round economic and trade cooperation.


  1. Complementary advantages and win-win results. Make full use of the respective advantages and complementarities of the two resources and the two markets, promote two-way opening and resource sharing, carry out complementary cooperation with industries in Northeast Asian countries, undertake high-end industrial transfer, form a reasonable pattern of industrial division and cooperation, and realize mutual benefit and win-win.


  1. Innovation and development, with breakthroughs in key areas. Adhere to the principle of opening up and innovation to promote reform, development and revitalization, highlight Dalian's characteristics and advantages, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with Northeast Asia with innovative ideas, focus on Japan, South Korea and Russia, give full play to the node role of Northeast Asia Economic Corridor, and is poised to build a new frontier of Northeast Asia cooperation.


  1. Take multiple measures simultaneously to optimize and improve. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of market players, stimulate and improve the efficiency and benefits of various market factors, further improve the quality level and comprehensive competitive advantages of our city's opening to the outside world, and promote our city to truly become a strategic highland for opening and cooperation in Northeast Asia.


III. Key Tasks


  1. Construction of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center. We will deepen cooperation with ports and logistics enterprises in Northeast Asia, strengthen ties with ports in Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Russia, and support Liaoning port shipping enterprises to participate in the cooperative development of ports and neighboring regions in countries along the route. Encourage the development of modern shipping services such as shipping finance, shipping information, shipping talents, shipping brokers, maritime arbitration and shipping consulting. We will improve the three-dimensional transportation network, promote the integration of air, sea and land, and build a comprehensive transportation system. We will accelerate the construction of a multimodal transport operation center, a Northeast Asia distribution and distribution center, and a multifunctional integrated service center. We will study and explore the opening of Nampo and Arctic routes and expand exchanges and cooperation with countries along the route in culture, economy, trade and tourism. (Responsible units: Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Government Port Office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Dalian District Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Liaogang Group, Municipal Commerce Bureau, Municipal Financial Development Bureau, and Municipal Industry and Information Bureau)


  1. Building a regional international aviation hub in Northeast Asia. We will build a regional international aviation hub in Northeast Asia with Dalian Airport as the main body and speed up the construction of Dalian's new airport. Encrypt or add air routes between Dalian Airport and Northeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Russia. We will accelerate the establishment of Dalian's airport economic demonstration zone and promote the construction of aviation logistics, aviation manufacturing and research and development, financial information and international urban areas. Based at Dalian's new airport, a global aircraft maintenance, dismantling and trading base will be built. We will develop the characteristic airport bonded logistics industry, the aviation materials industry, the distribution industry of high-tech electronic products, the cold chain logistics industry, and the cross-border e-commerce and express delivery industries, and create a matching gathering area for airport aviation equipment. (Responsible units: Port Office of the Municipal Government, Dalian International Airport Group, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Dalian District Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone)


  1. Building a strategic highland for open cooperation. Explore the construction of Dalian free trade port. Learning from the advanced experience of Northeast Asian countries in financial innovation, trade and investment facilitation, and free trade port management and operation, we will actively strive for the support of the state for Dalian to explore the construction of a free trade port, and explore cross-border trade and logistics facilitation under the framework of the 'China-Japan-Korea Free Trade Area' to try first, so as to improve the safety and convenience of the supply chain. We will carry out pilot tests in the fields of upgrading the national trade pattern, building the port and shipping logistics system, and innovating the port supervision system, so as to build Dalian Free Trade Zone into a strategic highland for opening up and cooperation in Northeast Asia. Strive for a leading demonstration area in China, Japan and South Korea Free Trade Zone. Actively build a demonstration zone for modern industrial cooperation in Northeast Asia, build a demonstration leading zone and a core functional zone for economic and trade cooperation in Northeast Asia, undertake major projects for the utilization of foreign capital, and explore innovations in the system and mechanism of opening to the outside world. We will accelerate the construction of China-Japan (Dalian) local development cooperation demonstration zones, establish cooperation platforms for technological innovation, industrial docking and financial services, promote the quality improvement of high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials industry development, and radiate and drive industrial transformation and upgrading in Northeast China. (Responsible units: Dalian District Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Government Port Office, Dalian Customs)


  1. Accelerate the construction of Northeast Asia International Trade Center. Relying on the policy advantages of our city's location, port logistics and free trade zone, we will actively expand trade cooperation with Northeast Asia and continuously innovate trade development modes on the basis of consolidating the scale of traditional goods trade. Through the development of direct shipping and B2C mode of cross-border electronic commerce, the introduction of high-quality goods from Northeast Asia will build a two-way distribution center in Northeast Asia and cross-border electronic commerce. We support the establishment of a never-ending Japanese and Korean commodity exhibition hall or exhibition area in Dalian Free Trade Zone. Relying on the advantages of ports and the foundation of cold chain industry, we will build a specialized trading center for imported fruits and frozen products in Northeast Asia. Actively explore the construction of Dalian's national service trade base, develop the service trade market of Northeast Asian countries, and steadily expand the scale of service exports in advantageous areas such as software service outsourcing and cultural trade. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Dalian District Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and Municipal Development and Reform Commission)


  1. Upgrading the energy level of the economic and trade cooperation platform. We will give full play to the advantages of national and world-renowned exhibitions and forum platforms such as the China International Digital and Software Services Fair and Dalian Summer Davos Annual Meeting, with a focus on continuously improving the platform functions for Northeast Asian countries. Actively bid for the China-Japan Expo, integrate economic and trade exchange activities such as Dalian Japan Commodity Exhibition, and build a comprehensive exchange platform integrating product and technology exhibitions, economic and trade cooperation, investment negotiations and cultural and sports exchanges. We will continue to do a good job in exhibitions and activities such as the 'Liaoning-Japan Trade Fair', continue to extend the industrial chain of relevant exhibitions and forums, and strive to promote the integration and development of commerce, tourism, culture and other formats to enhance the economic and social benefits of exhibitions and forums. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Municipal Economic Cooperation Service Center)


  1. Strengthen cooperation with key industries in Japan and South Korea. Carry out targeted investment promotion and capital introduction activities. We will strengthen cooperation in the manufacturing sector, strengthen docking cooperation between traditional industries such as shipbuilding, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and equipment and Japan and South Korea, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. We will strengthen cooperation in high-end manufacturing fields such as automobiles, precision machine tools, semiconductors and information and communication equipment to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of cooperation. We will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in strategic emerging areas such as new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce, shared economy, new energy, new materials, bio-medicine, new energy vehicles, aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection, and further optimize the industrial structure. Strengthen cooperation in modern service industries such as finance, medical care, pension, culture and education, shipping and logistics, commerce and trade, tourism, etc. to enhance the internationalization level of our city. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Financial Development Bureau, Municipal Health Committee, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Municipal Transportation Bureau)


  1. Create a new mode of 'going global' cooperation. Encourage enterprises in our city to deeply cultivate the Northeast Asian market, Broaden cooperation fields, innovate cooperation methods, deepen international capacity cooperation, undertake infrastructure construction projects in Northeast Asian countries, promote Dalian machinery manufacturing, rail transit, ships, precision tools, wind power, photovoltaic and other projects to participate in the construction of Northeast Asian countries, drive Dalian's output of products, technologies and standards, and expand its international market share. Encourage enterprises to absorb advanced technologies from Japan, South Korea and Russia through investment, equity participation and mergers and acquisitions in emerging industries, high-end manufacturing and modern service industries. We will encourage our city's characteristic agricultural products to be exported to Northeast Asian countries, and promote enterprises' fishery development and mariculture cooperation in Russia's Far East waters. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs)


  1. Accelerate the construction of domestic and overseas investment carriers. Innovating ways to go out, relying on leading enterprises such as Liaogang Group and Dongfang Fishery Group, with Russia's Far East as the key region, Dalian Overseas Park will be established, with energy and resources cooperation as the main focus, and Dalian enterprises will be guided and encouraged to participate in investment. Planning and construction of modern industrial parks in Japan and South Korea will promote the pilot areas and Japan and South Korea to jointly build high-starting, high-level and high-quality local cooperative industrial parks, accelerate the high-quality development of advantageous industries such as electronic information industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing and automobile manufacturing, and develop a number of industrial clusters facing Japan and South Korea with prominent main businesses and distinctive features. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Administrative Committees of Pilot Districts)



  1. Strengthen scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation. Give full play to the resource advantages of Jinpu New District, support key enterprises to play a leading role in demonstration, strengthen cooperation with Japan in science and technology, introduce research and development centers, technology centers and other projects, and build a research and development and transformation base for Japan's scientific and technological achievements. We will push forward the construction of our city's provincial-level filing offshore science and technology innovation center, aim at the world's scientific and technological frontiers such as Japan, South Korea and Russia, integrate resources to carry out research and development work, and enhance the capability and level of independent innovation. (Responsible units: Jinpu New District Administrative Committee and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau)


  1. Enhance the ability of financial services investment cooperation. We will make full use of the access policy for foreign-funded financial institutions, promote financial cooperation with Japan and South Korea's capital markets and set up financial institutions with each other, and actively introduce high-quality financial resources from Japan and South Korea such as banks, securities, funds and insurance to Dalian to build a financial center in Northeast Asia. Enlarge the functions of Dalian Commodity Exchange, explore and promote the internationalization of futures trading, and enhance international influence. Explore the establishment of Dalian Japan and South Korea RMB Clearing Center in Dalian Free Trade Zone, and strive to authorize Japanese and South Korean financial institutions to carry out RMB settlement business with Japan and South Korea in Dalian Free Trade Zone. (Responsible units: Municipal Financial Development Bureau, Dalian Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau, Dalian District Administrative Committee of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone)


  1. Speed up the economic construction of the headquarters. With Renmin Road, Donggang Business District, Xianglujiao, Qixianling, Sports New Town and New Airport as the focus, relying on creating an international business environment, optimizing services as the means and supporting policies, we will increase the attraction of manufacturing, modern service, producer service and 'the Belt and Road Initiative' national enterprises to set up China headquarters and regional headquarters in our city. (Responsible units: Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jinpu New District Administrative Committee, High-tech Zone Administrative Committee, Zhongshan District Government, Xigang District Government and Ganjingzi District Government)


  1. Build a platform for people-to-people exchanges and cooperation. We will further deepen exchanges and cooperation between Dalian and friendly cities in Northeast Asia in the fields of education, culture and sports, do a good job in the common feelings of the people, and fully mobilize non-governmental organizations to carry out exchanges and cooperation with Northeast Asian countries. In-depth development of Dalian's characteristic tourism products. Do a good job in Dalian Sophora Appreciation Meeting and Northeast Asia International Cultural Tourism Week, so as to make it a bridge and link of communication and friendship, strengthen cultural, tourism and artistic exchanges and cooperation, and promote the common feelings of the people. (Responsible units: Foreign Affairs Office of Municipal Government, Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade)


IV. Safeguard Measures


  1. Strengthen organizational leadership. All regions and departments should strengthen their sense of responsibility and mission, give full play to their functions and regional comparative advantages, and attach great importance to and promote related work as a whole. Each member unit of the municipal opening work leading group shall, in line with the principles of performing its respective duties, assuming its respective responsibilities, division of labor and cooperation, and close cooperation, comprehensively promote exchanges and cooperation between our city and Northeast Asian countries. The opening office of the municipal opening work leading group should strengthen overall coordination, supervision and assessment, supervise and guide the relevant regions and departments to fully implement the tasks in this implementation plan.


  1. Strengthen top-level design. Based on the strategic orientation of Liaoning Province to build a leading economic and trade cooperation area in Northeast Asia, Adhering to the new development concept, We will organically combine our city's advantageous industries, regional planning and layout, and development direction with the national strategy of opening to the outside world. Efforts will be made to build an open cooperation pattern in industries, science and technology, trade, humanities, environmental protection and other fields, and to build an international cooperation demonstration zone with legal, international and convenient business environment and more coordinated and efficient management services, so as to inject new momentum into the overall revitalization of Liaoning.


  1. Strengthen investment promotion in an all-round way. In combination with Dalian's industrial layout and development plan, precise investment promotion will be carried out for well-known enterprises and invisible champion enterprises in Northeast Asian countries in key areas. Innovating the mode of investment promotion, taking industrial ecological leading enterprises as the leader, and strengthening the expansion, extension, supplement and strengthening of the industrial chain; Investment promotion will be carried out around key industries and supporting enterprises upstream and downstream of major projects. The implementation of major projects municipal special class system and precise scheduling mechanism, for the introduction of projects to build a green channel. Relevant countries are invited to our city to organize explanation meetings and docking meetings to provide a platform for strengthening two-way investment and trade.


  1. Further deepen the reform of 'deregulation'. We will implement an investment management system with negative list management as the core, a trade supervision system with trade facilitation as the focus, and a financial opening and innovation system with regional real economic development as the main service. We will strengthen the replication and promotion of the experience of the FTZ, adapt to the new requirements of market opening, improve the efficiency of government services, accelerate the establishment of a stable, fair, transparent and predictable government environment, and continuously improve the international business environment.


Strengthen risk prevention. In accordance with the requirements of the national 'Guidelines for the Prevention of Overseas Security Risks of Chinese Enterprises' and the 'Guidelines for the Safety Management of Overseas Chinese Enterprises, Institutions and Personnel', To guide 'going global' enterprises to establish and improve internal prevention mechanisms and public safety guarantee mechanisms for overseas investment risks, We will make good use of hedging tools such as overseas investment insurance, overseas labor insurance, property insurance and personal accident insurance, improve the emergency handling mechanism for overseas emergencies, establish a unified and efficient protection system, and prevent risks in overseas investment cooperation of enterprises.