Dalian Holds a Video Conference on the Rectification of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector and the Promotion of the Battle Against Pollution
2020-07-21 17:57

Yesterday, our city held a video conference on the rectification of the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors and the promotion of the pollution prevention and control battle to report the progress of the rectification and pollution prevention and control battle of the inspectors in our city and arrange the deployment of the next stage of work. The meeting stressed that it is necessary to focus on key issues and key links, strengthen work scheduling, move the gateway forward, reverse the construction period, analyze and judge the problems item by item, and comprehensively implement policies, so as to resolutely win the rectification and pollution prevention battles of the central ecological and environmental protection inspectors.


This year is the decisive year in the battle against pollution. The meeting called for a focus on winning the tough battles of blue sky, clear water, Bohai Sea, agriculture and rural areas, aiming at the existing short boards and weak links, and promoting the continuous improvement of ecological environment quality. Resolutely win the battle to defend the blue sky, and do a good job in dismantling coal-fired boilers and connecting them to the grid, and reforming special emission limits. In-depth implementation of the water source battle, focusing on promoting the '10 million tons of people' water source environmental problems rectification, water source fence isolation project, reservoir water source substitution remediation and other key work. We will steadily push forward the comprehensive management of the Bohai Sea to ensure that the rectification is completed on We will carry out in-depth comprehensive improvement of the rural ecological environment and continue to promote the construction of rural domestic waste treatment facilities and domestic sewage treatment.


The meeting stressed that we should attach great importance to the risk issue and adopt daily, weekly and monthly scheduling methods respectively to speed up the completion of the task. All regions and departments should carry out a large-scale investigation of environmental problems, find problems as early as possible and solve them as early as possible. According to the task list and the rectification time limit, we should do a good job in this year's supervision rectification work with greater efforts and more practical measures. First, we must fight with wall charts and push forward stubble pressing. Keep a close eye on the time node to rectify one by one, solve one by one, and complete the rectification task on time and with good quality. Second, it is necessary to work together from top to bottom to jointly manage. All responsible units should dare to be truer and harder on key and difficult issues, face up to difficulties, and never fear difficulties, avoid difficulties, prevaricate and delay. Each rectification special class department should strengthen guidance to help the territory solve the problem. Third, we must strictly supervise and follow up the effectiveness. The Municipal Supervision and Reform Office should implement the dispatching and notification system, further strengthen supervision and inspection, intensify supervision and inspection of the implementation of rectification in various regions and departments, and avoid the phenomenon of 'false rectification and perfunctory rectification'.

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