Wen Xueqiong
2020-07-14 08:55


Wen Xueqiong, female, Han nationality, born in February 1967, is a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (RCCK). She has a master's degree in history and business administration, and is an associate professor. Wen is now chairwoman of the RCCK Liaoning provincial committee and vice-mayor of Dalian.

Positions previously held by Wen include director of Huludao Municipal Party Committee School's scientific research department, deputy director of Dalian Association for Science and Technology, deputy director of Dalian Municipal Financial Affairs Office, deputy director-general of Liaoning Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security, vice-mayor of Benxi city, deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee of Liaoning People's Congress, chairwoman of the RCCK Huludao municipal committee, chairwoman of the RCCK Benxi municipal committee, deputy chairwoman of the RCCK Liaoning provincial committee. Wen has served as the chairwoman of the RCCK Liaoning provincial committee and Dalian's vice-mayor since June 2017.


Responsible for work in the fields of education, civil affairs, healthcare and medical security. Dealing with other duties assigned by the mayor.

In charge of Dalian Education Bureau, Dalian Civil Affairs Bureau, Dalian Health Commission, Dalian Municipal Healthcare Security Administration, Dalian Patriotic Health Campaign Commission, Red Cross Society of Dalian Branch, Dalian University, Dalian Vocational and Technical College, Dalian Radio and TV University.

Responsible for matters of the above divisions, featuring improvement of Party conduct and building a clean government, security control and safety supervision of above divisions.

Responsible for contacts with the China Communist Youth League Dalian Committee, Dalian Juvenile Education Protection Office, Dalian Women's Federation, Dalian Disabled Person's Federation, and central and provincial universities and colleges.