Xi Jinping and Philippine President Duterte Exchanged Congratulatory Messages on the 45th anniversary of China-Philippines Diplomatic Relations
2020-06-10 13:27

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Philippine President Duterte exchanged congratulatory messages on June 9 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines.


Xi Jinping pointed out in his congratulatory message that China and the Philippines are friendly neighbors with a long history of traditional friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 45 years ago, China-Philippines relations have made great progress. Especially in recent years, the political mutual trust between the two countries has deepened, cooperation in various fields has continued to expand, and the joint construction of the 'the Belt and Road Initiative' has yielded fruitful results, bringing tangible benefits to the two peoples and making positive contributions to the stable development of the region.


Xi Jinping stressed that both China and the Philippines are in a critical period of development and have broad prospects for cooperation. I attach great importance to the development of China-Philippines relations and am willing to work with President Duterte to push China-Philippines comprehensive strategic cooperation to a new level. China sympathizes with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the Philippines and is willing to work hand in hand with the Philippines to overcome the difficulties.


Duterte said in his congratulatory message that the friendship and kinship between the Philippine and Chinese peoples have lasted for thousands of years. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, the friendly relations between the two countries have continued to develop. At present, world security and stability continue to face challenges. Non-traditional security threats such as novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic are increasingly prominent. It is very important to further strengthen the Philippine-China partnership. The Philippines regards China as a close neighbor and an important partner and is willing to continue to adhere to the principles of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation, continuously deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries and promote the peace, development and prosperity of the two countries.