For the First Time, Our City Issued "20 Articles on Prevention and Control of Ozone Pollution"
2020-05-05 14:02

The Municipal Blue Sky Project Work Leading Group recently issued the 'Dalian 2020 Ozone Pollution Prevention and Control Plan', it is clear that from now until the end of October, take 20 key measures, focus efforts on six aspects: industrial source emission control, domestic source emission control, mobile source pollution control, non-point source pollution control, implementation of off-peak production during high ozone incidence periods, and strengthening emergency control of ozone pollution. Vigorously control volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, two ozone precursors, and strive to reduce the number of days of ozone pollution by 5 days compared with the same period of last year, reduce the peak concentration of ozone compared with the same period of last year, and avoid days of heavy ozone pollution.


Every year from April to October, the temperature is high and the radiation is strong, which is the peak period of ozone pollution. 'Article 20 on Prevention and Control of Ozone Pollution' will focus on the following measures:


The first is to promote the control of pollution sources involving volatile organic compounds. By the end of the year, 180 enterprises in petrochemical, industrial painting, packaging and printing industries will have basically completed the in-depth remediation of volatile organic compounds, and the comprehensive remediation of 'scattered, disorderly and dirty' enterprises in furniture, wood and footwear industries will have been completed. The second is to carry out a series of law enforcement inspections. From May to October, organize and carry out inspections of organic waste gas treatment facilities in industrial enterprises, auto repair industry, large catering industry, gas stations and oil storage depots; Organize and carry out special inspections on the quality of oil products and coatings, and strive to adopt all water-based architectural coatings in municipal projects. The third is to implement comprehensive control measures. Delineation of key ozone control roads and key control areas, purchase of necessary facilities, increase the frequency of flushing, watering and spraying during the high temperature period from May to October, and completely ban open-air barbecue and garbage incineration; Continue to implement the summer coastal road single and double number restriction and other flow regulation policies; Actively guide state-owned enterprises to carry out night refueling and price reduction promotion activities, and encourage the masses to refuel at night. The fourth is to implement peak-shifting production during high ozone season. From July to September, in principle, municipal operations involving volatile organic compounds emissions, such as asphalt road paving, road marking, large-area building exterior wall painting and steel structure painting, will not be arranged. From May to September, when the ozone pollution day is predicted, municipal operations that produce volatile organic compounds in urban built-up areas will be shut down from 12: 00 to 18: 00 (except for emergency rescue projects); Encourage the city's shipbuilding, furniture manufacturing, printing, asphalt concrete and other industries to produce at the wrong time, and stop spraying, printing and other processes with volatile organic compounds emissions from 12: 00 to 16: 00 from July to September. Fifth, strengthen emergency control of ozone pollution. According to the results of air quality forecast and analysis, timely start the emergency response of ozone pollution, further strengthen the supervision of industrial enterprises, construction sites, catering enterprises, auto repair industry and gas stations, organize relevant enterprises to limit production or stop production, and reduce the pollution level; From May to October, artificial precipitation enhancement operations will be organized in a timely manner when conditions permit.


The Municipal Blue Sky Office has clearly defined the responsibilities of 10 departments, including the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, and the municipal and county governments and the pilot district management committees, detailing their respective division of labor. A special steering group will be set up to carry out monthly steering actions and publish the ranking of ozone concentrations in various regions on a monthly basis. During the period of high ozone pollution, navigation monitoring will be carried out on key parks, key enterprises and sensitive areas to scientifically evaluate the emission reduction status of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in various regions and the effectiveness of ozone pollution control.

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