Our City has Set up Special Service Channels and Service Stations for Personnel from Wuhan and Hubei to Dalian
2020-04-09 14:00

After 76 days of waiting, Wuhan finally ushered in the day when the city gate was reopened.


At 13: 11 on April 8, Dalian welcomed the first batch of Wuhan passengers-China Southern CZ6513 from Wuhan landed at Dalian International Airport, carrying 45 passengers from Wuhan.


On April 8, three domestic flights arrived in Dalian via Wuhan. In order to do a good job in the service and management of Wuhan and Hubei Lailian passengers in an orderly way and fully reflect the temperature and management level of Dalian City, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, in conjunction with the Municipal Health Committee, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments and the municipal and county governments of all districts, cities and counties, has earnestly carried out relevant work in accordance with the work arrangement of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. Organize airports, railway stations, ports, etc. to set up special service channels and service stations for personnel from Wuhan and Hubei to Dalian, register relevant information, provide exclusive health services, distribute health bags, carry out hand disinfection and luggage disinfection, and provide 'point-to-point' transportation service guarantee for Lailian personnel.


Staff of Dalian Municipal Health Committee said that Dalian City has carried out 100% nucleic acid tests on personnel living in Hubei and Wuhan, which are mainly divided into the following situations: personnel from Hubei and Wuhan who hold negative results of nucleic acid tests within 7 days before the connection do not need nucleic acid tests in Dalian City, but pass through Dalian Health Code 'Green Code'; The service industry personnel, window unit personnel, teachers, students and other key groups of Wuhan Lailian who have the test report will undergo another nucleic acid test about 7 days after entering the company. Personnel from Hubei and Wuhan who have no nucleic acid test report all provide nucleic acid test service once in the company. The above key groups in Wuhan Lailian, which have no nucleic acid testing report, provide two nucleic acid testing services; The above-mentioned personnel can only pass by the negative results of nucleic acid test and Dalian health code 'green code'.




In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of asymptomatic infected persons and protect public health, the Municipal Health Committee reminds the general public to do four strict things: strictly do a good job in indoor ventilation; Strictly implement the requirements of wearing masks scientifically; Strict hand disinfection; Strictly control the crowd gathering.


At the same time, the Municipal Health Committee called on the general public not to be blindly optimistic, not to take chances and relax, to wash their hands frequently, to wear masks scientifically, to keep a certain distance in social occasions, not to gather or have dinner, and to advocate a healthy lifestyle.


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