Our City Implements the Ecological Environment Supervision and Law Enforcement "Positive List" System
2020-04-26 14:11

In order to vigorously promote enterprises to resume work and production, from now until the end of September, our city will formally implement the 'positive list' system for ecological environment supervision and law enforcement. A total of 367 enterprises in the city will be included in the 'positive list'. During this period, on-site law enforcement inspections can be exempted or reduced. According to actual needs, the implementation time of the system can be appropriately extended.


The enterprises included in the 'positive list' this time mainly include two categories, First, 270 enterprises in five categories, including enterprises that produce masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials, enterprises that supply water, electricity and gas to ensure people's livelihood, enterprises with less pollution and strong ability to absorb employment, major engineering projects and advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, do not carry out on-site inspections in principle except for complaint reporting and verification. The second is to reduce on-site inspections for 97 key regulatory enterprises that have installed on-line monitoring and are networked with the ecological environment department, have reached the standard stably, have good environmental credit and have no record of environmental violations within one year.


The person in charge of the city's ecological environment protection law enforcement department said that exempting or reducing on-site law enforcement inspections does not mean 'Don't care, don't ask' or 'lowering requirements'. Ecological law enforcement departments will carry out supervision, management and service of enterprises through online communication and other means, and will comprehensively use scientific and technological means such as unmanned aerial vehicles, online monitoring and mobile law enforcement to carry out off-site daily supervision and law enforcement. If environmental violations are found in the single-taker enterprise, it will be immediately transferred out of the 'positive list'.


In order to further help enterprises resume work and production, the ecological environment law enforcement department has also appropriately adjusted the administrative punishment methods for enterprises in the city. First, it has prudently taken measures to seal up, detain, restrict production and stop production. Affected by the epidemic situation, the illegal acts are minor and corrected in time without causing environmental harm consequences, and may not be punished according to law, urging rectification as soon as possible; For those who fail to complete the rectification on time due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the rectification period may be extended as appropriate. The second is to continue to intensify efforts to investigate and deal with serious environmental violations. To reflect strongly to the masses, harm the interests of the masses, illegally discharge, subjective malicious pollution, monitoring data fraud and serious environmental pollution, constitute environmental pollution crimes, to strengthen the linkage with judicial organs, increase punishment, safeguard the health of the masses and environmental safety.


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