Golden Stone Beach "Discovery Kingdom" Park Opens
2019-04-01 14:35

The high-speed drifting car suddenly exploded, the 'Bigfoot' sped down the steep slope nearly 8 meters long, and the close fight over the tourists' head Strop … This was the scene of the performance of the new Hollywood stunt show 'Cainiao Secret Agent' on the day when the Kingdom was discovered to be open on March 30 this year. Although the snowstorm hit on that day, the park still received more than 10,000 tourists. Colorful balloons and swirling snowflakes opened the theme of 'Colorful Balloon Carnival' in 2019 of Discovery Kingdom.

According to the introduction of relevant officials of Discovery Kingdom, there are still a series of surprises to be expected in the park this year. One of the most worthy expectations is that the brand-new float, which costs tens of millions of yuan to build, will be combined with high technology. The body can freely change its shape, stretching more than 10 meters high, and bring special effects such as spraying, which will meet with tourists in summer.

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