Zhuanghe City Launches Hidden Trouble Remediation of External Environment along High-speed  Railway
2019-11-20 07:40

On November 18, Zhuanghe City hidden trouble remediation of external environment along high-speed railway work conference was held. 


The conference reported on the hidden problems existing in the external environment of the high-speed rail line in Zhuanghe area, and made arrangements for the deployment of the related work.


The meeting emphasized that the work of rectifying the hidden problems existing in the external environment along the high-speed railway line is time-consuming, heavy-duty, and strict in requirements, and that the Zhuanghe Municipal Traffic and Transport Bureau should immediately establish a joint meeting system, study the organizational structure, work out a work plan, establish a work file, specify the specific work tasks and responsible units of Zhuanghe Municipality, and do a good job of leading. Relevant departments shall, in accordance with the principle of responsibility ratione materiae, actively cooperate with township streets and relevant units in carrying out rectification and improvement work. Local townships and subdistricts should carry out the 'double section length' responsibility system in accordance with their tasks. Each unit subject to responsibility shall also, in accordance with the division of tasks, carry out rectification work in accordance with the laws and regulations. The townships and streets should fulfill their responsibilities, earnestly implement hidden dangers management and long-term control work to specific personnel, and ensure that the responsibilities are implemented in place. Zhuanghe Municipal Government Examination Office shall implement the weekly notification system and regularly report on its work. All relevant township, subdistrict and departmental units must strengthen coordination and communication, make concerted and joint efforts to ensure the safety of the external environment along the railway, especially along the high-speed railway.


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