Liaoning Province Raised 3.5 Billion Yuan of Special Fund for Pollution Prevention and Control
2019-11-17 15:10

In order to effectively control environmental pollution, the Liaoning Provincial Government has put forward the requirements of 'breaking through water, consolidating gas, and harnessing soil.' Relevant departments, such as the Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance and the Department of Ecological Environment, have closely cooperated to raise 3.5 billion yuan in special funds for pollution prevention and control, focusing on the weaknesses of the short board, so as to speed up the resolution of outstanding environmental problems and improve the quality of the ecological environment.


Up to now, Liaoning Province has raised 3.5 billion yuan in special funds for pollution prevention and control this year, including 2.36 billion yuan for water pollution prevention and control, focusing on comprehensive treatment of the Bohai Sea, pollution prevention and control of the Liaohe River basin, renovation of the Blue Bay, and treatment of urban black and smelly water bodies. The fund for air pollution prevention and control is 310 million yuan, subsidizing the elimination of small coal-fired boilers and the utilization of straw resources. The fund for prevention and control of soil pollution is 380 million yuan, with emphasis on monitoring and remediation of soil pollution in industrial and agricultural land. A total of 450 million yuan was allocated for rural environmental treatment, with special emphasis on supporting the comprehensive treatment of rural sewage and garbage, and promoting the improvement of the appearance of villages.


Focusing on the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspector and the National Marine Inspector, Liaoning Province has highlighted key issues and made up for shortcomings. In terms of water pollution control, we will concentrate on supporting the construction of sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipelines. In the treatment of air pollution, the focus is to eliminate air pollution sources, implement bulk coal control and furnace modification, and support the prohibition of straw burning and comprehensive utilization. In the prevention and control of soil pollution, the key measures are to control soil pollution caused by heavy industry and agricultural production such as iron and steel, petrochemical, mining and so on. In rural environmental management, the focus will be on supporting the collection and transportation of rural sewage and garbage and the construction of harmless treatment facilities.


In order to solve the problems of decentralized use of funds and multi-head management,  Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance, Department of Ecological Environment, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Countryside, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and other departments have made overall arrangements for marine and river harnessing, ecological restoration, and agricultural protection and other relevant special funds around key tasks, with the county level as the main body of integration and special planning as the basis, giving prominence to focused investment and giving full play to joint efforts in harnessing.

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