Circular of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Implementing the Decision of the State Council on Cancelling and Decentralizing a Batch of Adminis
2019-10-26 10:19

People's governments of various districts, cities and counties, administrative committees of pilot districts, commission bureaus of municipal governments, organizations directly under the central government, and relevant units:


In order to implement the Decision of the State Council on Canceling and Decentralizing a Batch of Administrative Licenses (Guo Fa (2019) No. 6), after research and demonstration, the municipal government decided to cancel 5 administrative licensing items related to our city and undertake 2 administrative licensing items devolved from the provincial level to our city.


All localities and departments concerned should hurry up the work on the implementation and connection of matters concerning the cancellation and decentralization of administrative licensing by the State Council, and formulate and improve supervision and control measures both in and after the event. And adopt such methods as 'double-random and one-open' supervision, key supervision, credit supervision, and 'Internet plus supervision' to ensure that they can be released, received, and managed well. Within 20 working days from the date of promulgation of this Circular, all relevant departments shall, in accordance with relevant regulations, promulgate the detailed rules for supervision and control of the event, and strengthen publicity, interpretation, supervision and implementation.