Our City's First Remote Sensing Monitoring System for Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emissions will be Launched by the End of This Year
2019-10-24 21:30

Yesterday, we learned from the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau that the first set of remote sensing monitoring system for motor vehicle exhaust emissions and the auto-capture system for smoky vehicles in our city have been commissioned and will be put into operation before the end of the year.


The system is located at Fenghua Bridge in the direction of Northeast Expressway entering the city. It can detect tens of thousands of vehicles and monitor hundreds of thousands of data every day, including basic information of vehicles, pollutant emissions, smoky vehicles, regional environmental quality data and video and photos of illegal vehicles. Through screening and analyzing the telemetry data, the staff will focus on screening the diesel vehicles, operating vehicles and old vehicles with serious over-standard emissions, and enter the suspected high-emission vehicles into the 'blacklist' management, which will form a set of trinity supervision system to investigate the responsibilities of the corresponding annual inspection agencies, maintenance enterprises and vehicle owners.


The staff of the Municipal Eco-environmental Affairs Service Center introduced that the construction of the system realizes the rapid detection of vehicle exhaust emission status 24 hours a day by means of remote sensing monitoring equipment at the front without affecting the normal running of the vehicle, and using computer technology and network transmission technology, identifying the license plate information and the detection data of the inspected vehicle, real-time transmission to the remote data management platform for statistical analysis. Improve the network, real-time and intelligent level of motor vehicle exhaust pollution detection in our city, to provide data support for comprehensive control of motor vehicle pollution and related decision-making, is conducive to the realization of effective control of highly polluting motor vehicles in our city, and to alleviate the environmental pressure caused by the increase of motor vehicles.


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