Interpretation of Implementing Opinions of Dalian Municipal People's Government Office on Implementing Green Building Regulations of Liaoning Province
2019-10-10 02:13

I. Background of the Drafting of the “Opinions”


In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought and green development concept, promote the development of green buildings in Dalian, promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, led by the URA (Urban Housing Authority), together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, Municipal Bureau of Finance, Municipal Bureau of Water Resources, Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources, Municipal Bureau of Communications and Transportation, Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Municipal Bureau of Organizational Affairs, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, Municipal People's Defense Office, Municipal Public Utilities Service Center, Municipal Quality Safety Center, Municipal Power Supply Company and 13 district, city and county people's governments (Pilot District Administrative Committee), jointly formulated the Implementation Opinions of the Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Implementing the Regulations of Liaoning Province on Green Buildings. The “Opinions” clarifies the guiding ideology, main objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures of promoting green buildings, which has important guiding significance for promoting the development of green buildings in our city.


II. Main Contents of the “Opinions”


'Opinions'  takes Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought and green development idea as the guide, takes the full implementation of green building standards for newly-built civil buildings (except rural self-built houses) as the core, and by means of strengthening guidance and support, standardizing market behavior, and popularizing appropriate technologies, puts forward some concrete requirements from aspects of planning and construction, operation transformation, technology application, guidance and incentive, and implementation of responsibilities, etc. Among them, the guiding ideology clarifies the core, means and emphases of promoting green building. Short-term objectives were identified in the main objectives. The focus tasks involve 23 tasks in 8 aspects, each of which defines the specific content and the unit of responsibility, which helps the departments to define their responsibilities and form a joint effort to promote the development of green buildings. In terms of safeguard measures, specific requirements are put forward in five aspects: strengthening organization and leadership, strengthening financial support, strengthening examination and supervision, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and strengthening propaganda and promotion.