The Municipal Political Consultative Conference Committee Discusses the Work Report of Municipal “Court and Procuratorate”

2019-01-11 14:00

Yesterday, the members of the municipal political consultative committee of the 2nd meeting of 13th municipal political consultative conference committee discusses the work report of the municipal intermediate people's court and municipal people's procuratorate by groups, propose comments and proposal on hot topics such as impartial judicature, difficult tackling and execution and deepening of judicial system reform. The cochairman and secretary of the municipal governmental consultative conference committee participates in discussion.


In discussion, members fully affirm the work report of the municipal “court and procuratorate”. The work report includes plentiful effective work of the municipal “court and procuratorate” in service and guarantee of whole situation, crime beating and adherence to reform and innovation. All members consistently think that the municipal court adheres to the main work idea of the justice for the mass and impartial justice, highlights law enforcement and case transaction, tackles difficult cases, promotes safe Dalian, legally constructs Dalian, and provides powerful judicial guarantee for economic and social development of Dalian. The municipal procuratorate loyally performs the legal supervision responsibilities, firms promotes all reforms, drives standardized and efficient performance, and builds harmonious and stable social environment for development of different businesses in Dalian. Members think that the work report of “court and procuratorate” includes clear work schedule, highlights and specific direction for the new year, complies with urban conditions, and provides powerful judicial guarantee and better judicial service for quicker construction of “Two Advanced Districts” and harmonious and stable development of the society.


Members recommend that the municipal “Court and [rocuratorate” continue promoting special elimination of underworld, consolidate and expand “basic resolution of difficult enforcement” achievements, perfects “separate moderation and arbitration” mechanism, enhance trust of the public on legal justice and enhance deterrent force. They recommend that the “Court and [rocuratorate” continues deepening judicial reform, strengthens supervision on the judicial power, maintains judicial fairness and justice, establishes root mutual exchange and job practice and training mechanism of the root judges and procurators, speeds up building of the root courts, further perfects people facilitation mechanism, further explores deep fusion between big data and intelligent technology and work, makes efforts to build “Intelligent Court” and “Intelligent Procuratorate”, promotes “Sunshine Justice”, promotes just by openness, improves public credibility of the justice, and provides powerful judicial guarantee for construction of Dalian “Two Advanced Districts” in new era.

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