Notice of the General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing Some Policies
2018-06-11 17:21

The people's governments of all districts, cities and counties, the administrative committees of the pilot districts, the relevant departments of the municipal government, and the relevant units:

The Some Policies Supporting the Developmeent Software and Information Service Industry has been examined and approved by the 12th executive meeting of the 16th Dalian Municipal People's Government and is hereby printed and distributed to you. Please implement it in earnest.

General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government

June 11, 2018

Some Policies Supporting the Developmeent Software and Information Service Industry

In order to implement the 2028 Action Plan for Dalian Software and Information Service Industry and support innovation and development of software and information service enterprises (hereinafter referred to as enterprises), the following support policies are formulated.

  1. Select the key areas to implement the plan for establishing the innovation center and technology alliance. The qualified innovation center or technology alliance will award CNY 100-500 million yuan based on the recognized research and development investment, project results and benefit growth of the enterprise.
  2. Support the promotion of software products with independent intellectual property rights. Rewards up to CNY 1 million yuan will be awarded in accordance with the accumulated amount of sales contracts within one year after the company obtains independent intellectual property rights of the product.
  3. Select key areas to implement pilot demonstration projects. With the two-way support approach, the enterprises participating in the project construction will be rewarded with CNY 50-200 million yuan.
  1. For newly-established enterprises above the designated size, CNY 100,000 to 300,000 yuan will be awarded within 3 years in accordance with the annual growth rate of sales revenue of their software business.
  2. Enterprises with sales of more than 30 million yuan in software business shall be given a reward of up to CNY 2 million yuan, with the reward amount not exceeding 50 % of the increment of their local economic contribution.
  3. For the fast-growing companies, the following support will be provided for three years:
  1. giving a reward of up to CNY 3 million yuan, the amount of reward not exceeding 70 % of the increment of local economic contribution;
  2. based on the actual production and operation area of the enterprise, the area where the enterprise is located shall be given a rent subsidy of at least 50 % of the maximum 3000 square meters;
  3.  if an enterprise obtains equity investment from an investment institution, it will be rewarded with up to 5 million yuan according to the actual funds in place during the year.
  1. It should  support industrial agglomeration areas to formulate policies to reduce enterprise costs and funds needed are shared by the governments at municipal and district levels at a ratio of 1:1.
  1. Key enterprises at home and abroad should be strongly supported to set up legal person units or regional headquarters in Dalian. For enterprises with paid-in registered capital of CNY 20 million yuan ( inclusive ) toCNY  50 million yuan, CNY 50 million yuan ( inclusive ) to CNY 100 million yuan, and CNY 100 million yuan ( inclusive ), it is determined that CNY 2 million yuan, CNY 3 million yuan, and CNY 5 million yuan will be awarded respectively. For enterprises with headquarters located, the award amount will be increased by CNY 2 million yuan in sequence.
  2. Major projects in key areas should be strongly supported. A subsidy of CNY 500-50 million yuan will be given to new projects with an investment of more than CNY 50 million yuan, and certain equity investment support will be given according to the actual needs of the project.
  1. For public service platforms approved by the municipal government or above, a subsidy of up to CNY 5 million yuan will be given based on the annual investment in software and hardwareand up to CNY 3 million yuan will be given depending on the preferential service prices of local enterprises.  Technological leading enterprises should be strongly supported to build an open innovation platform, and preferential subsidies of up to CNY 20 million yuan should be given according to the total market price corresponding to the number and function of local enterprises they provide services with.
  1. Enterprises importing talents in short supply shall be implemented in accordance with Regulations of Dalian Municipality on Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship of High-level Talents ( Document No. 8 [ 2015 ] issued by the Commission ).
  2. With reference to the annual net increase in the number of employees and the growth of business indicators and the net increase in the number of employees, enterprise personnel work subsidy shall be given according to the standard of not less than CNY 10,000 yuan per person which shall be earmarked for the introduction, training and reward of their personnel.
  1. Municipal Economic and Information Committee and the Municipal Bureau of Finance shall be responsible for the interpretation of this policy.

     14.  This policy shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation and shall be valid for 3 yesrs.

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