Dalian Zhuanghe National and Local Tax Bureaus Said “No”to Difficult Tax Payment
2018-05-14 03:10

Recently, Zhuanghe State and Local Bureaus implemented specific rectification work on the problem of hard access tax. It carefully provided services through “four measures”, including online work, one-time visiting service, one-stop service for simple affairs and general affairs service.  

All tax affairs of State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau could be solved in “one service hall”. From May 1st, on the basis of setting up service windows in tax service hall and personnel dispatch mutually both in State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau in Zhuanghe, it also further promoted the “one service hall”in basic tax offices in rural area.

Expand the scope of online tax service. In line with the 65 items online service list issued by municipal tax bureau, the internet equipments have all been installed in main tax service hall and joint service halls of basic teax office currently. Over 80% enterprise taxpayers could handle various tax affairs through E-Tax Bureau to realize online operation in the whole process.

Initiate consecutive service at weekends. At the first weekend of May, the administrative service centre property tax service window of Zhuanghe Local Tax Bureau initiated the consecutive service. It had no difference with the working day. Besides, it has solved the problem that the house buyers have no time to handle procedures to provide great convenience for them to pay deed tax and transfer ownership.

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