Dalian Water Supplies Bureau Printed and Issued Guiding Ideas
2018-03-23 14:28

A few days ago, Dalian Water Supplies Bureau Printed and Issued “Guiding Ideas for Accelerating Water Conservancy Scenic Area Construction” (DSHK [2018] No. 43) (hereinafter referred to as the “Ideas”). In which various related institutions were required to further strengthen the water conservancy resource development and utilization, to establish the favorable operating mechanism for water conservancy scenic area construction and well as promote the construction level, so as to promote the modernization construction of water conservancy as well as the sustainable development of regional economy and society.

Based on the current conditions of water conservancy landscape resources in our city, it is proposed in the “Ideas” to construct 10 water conservancy scenic areas of provincial or higher level up until 2025, including at least 30% of national level. Based on the water conservancy scenic areas of provincial or higher levels, it is required to construct 8 “water conservancy science popularization cultural bases”, to form the water conservancy scenic area system with reasonable arrangement, perfect functions, thick cultural taste and standardized development.

In order to realize the above objectives, seven main tasks including compiling plans scientifically, managing plans strictly, strengthening construction management, enriching cultural connotation, reinforcing operating supervision, improving operation level and facilitating team construction as well as three guarantee measures including strengthening organizational leadership, investment and supervision and guidance.

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