The Spring Festival Travel Season in 2019 Begins from Jan. 21st to Mar. 1st. The Dispatched Number of Passengers in Our City is Expected to Reach 12.4
2018-01-08 01:18

The annual “big battle” in Spring Festival travel season is about to start again.The Spring Festival travel season in 2019 begins from Jan. 21st and ends on Mar. 1st, totally 40 days. From the mobilization meeting of the Spring Festival travel season in our city that was held yesterday, reporters know about that during the period of the Spring Festival travel season in 2019, the dispatched number of passengers in our city is expected to reach 12.4 millions person-time, which is flat compared with the same period last year. Thereinto, 8.3 millions person-time choose road transport, which decreases 2% compared with the same period last year, 2.55 millions person-time choose railway transport, which increases 3% compared with the same period last year, 530 thousands person-time choose waterway transport, which increases 4.1% compared with the same period last year, 1.02 millions person-time choose civil aviation, which increases 5.8% compared with the same period last year.      

Before the Spring Festival travel season begins in this year, college students have begun their holidays and returned to hometown successively. Therefore, the peak time of passenger  flow is expected to come a few days before the Spring Festival, which mainly contains the passengers who visit friends and relatives as well as go out for a trip. And after the Spring Festival, the stress of returning passenger flow is relatively prominent because the passenger flows of students, workers, people who visit their relatives and tourists mutually superpose together. At the same time, the stress of road transport becomes bigger for self-driving tours are increasing year by year. During the Spring Festival travel season, there will be a high probability for our city to be affected by the weather of rain, snow, gale, fog and haze, so all of the relevant departments should plan in advance, prepare enough transport capacity and adjust and deploy reasonably so as to guarantee passengers’ demands for a trip.                   

The meeting requires that every transport unit should scientifically predict the demands, flows and flow directions of the Spring Festival travel season, reasonably formulate transportation schemes, roundly plan and arrange the transport capacity resources and deeply excavate the transport potentials. At the same time, every transport unit should grasp the dynamic of passenger flow changes in time through the ticket sales condition, reasonably adjust lines and shifts, increase and adjust the engine-driven transport capacity in time, thus avoiding occurring the retention phenomenon of masses of passengers.                

Road transport should increase the investments in the rural road passenger transportation as well as the transport capacity of urban and rural public transport, increase additional rural passenger buses so as to meet the urban and rural masses’ demands for a trip during the Spring Festival. Railway transport should increase the passenger transport capacity to the best by taking the measures of utilization of train models, coupled running of bullet train crew, increasing additional high-speed trains at night,etc. Waterway transport should scientifically adjust and deploy the shipping transport capacity to meet the increasing demands of ro-ro ship transportation. Civil aviation should reasonably arrange the flights in flight schedules as well as the extra schedule flights, pay attention to the combination of trunk line and regional aviation, strengthen the adjustment and deployment of transport capacity as well as the guarantee of aircraft maintenance management.         

In addition, every transport department should strengthen the exchange of information, establish cooperation mechanism, give full play to comparative advantages and strengthen coordination and complementation so as to strengthen the connection between the urban public transport and railway transport, highway transport, waterway transport and civil aviation transport, and facilitate passengers to transfer to the best and also improve the transport efficiency of “the first and the last one kilometer” by taking the measures of increasing the investments in transport capacity, increasing the shifts frequency, extending the operation time, etc.        

During the Spring Festival travel season, all relevant departments and transport enterprises should insist on the principle of giving priority to passengers and taking both passengers and goods into account, which requires to take the transportation of electricity, coals, grains, meats, poultry, vegetables and other important goods and materials into account while guaranteeing the passengers transportation. All relevant departments and transport enterprises should make clear of the production, sale and storage conditions of the important goods and materials in advance, grasp the transportation demands, combine with the schemes of the Spring Festival travel season, and reasonably arrange the transportation of passengers and goods. Railway and waterway transport enterprises should make full use of the period of passenger flow at a low ebb to endeavor to increase goods freight volumes through taking an urgent and quick action to scramble for transport and taking other measures, thus meeting the needs of enterprise production and residents' life during the Spring Festival.

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