Lushun Motor Station Safeguards the Spring Festival Travel by Scientific Predication and Reasonable Organization
2018-01-24 16:09


In order to guarantee the smooth running of the Spring Festival transport, Lushun Motor Station held a Spring Festival Travel Mobilization Meeting involving everyone to specify their respective responsibilities, improve the services and carry the popularization of the Spring Festival transport.


Passenger tickets of all routes will be presold 10 days earlier during the Spring Festival transport period to facilitate citizens' travels.


Lushun Motor Station operates 10 long-distance routes and the passenger volume drops drastically this year due to the operation of the light rail. The staff estimated the travelling number during the Spring Festival travel period scientifically and formulated corresponding transport capacity input plans to ensure the safe travelling of the passengers. During the Spring Festival travel period, the passenger volume of buses is estimated to be 127,000 person/times and the Station plans to input 134 buses in operation and 10 for back-up; it will dispatch 277 times a day to send 3,100 passengers. The passenger volume of the buses operating within the District will reach 160,000 person/times, and the Station plans to input 43 buses in operation and dispatch 287 times daily to send about 4,000 passenger. The home visit flow is expected to appear between February 9th and 13th, return travel flow will occur between February 19th and 22nd, and the student return flow will be seen from February 25th to the beginning of March.

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