Mass Fitness Activities Held in the City
2018-01-02 08:14

As the city’s traditional subject of mass fitness activities, “climbing in the new year”, with fine implications of advancing, has been much popular among citizens.

This year, the new-year climbing activities have been further promoted.  In the city were set 3 subsections of 2008 Mass Climbing Contest. On New Year’s Day morning, a main section item - the 14th Session of New Year Building Climbing International Contest was held in Deep Blue International Building in Dalian’s Xinghai Bay Greentown. Over 1500 fitness enthusiasts took part in activities of the mass group and sports group. The mass group carried out the 3km new year colorful run in Xinghai Square, while the sports group completed the 4km square run and 37-floor climbing in Deep Blue International Building.

Meanwhile, Dalian’s subsection item – Dalian’s New Year Nationwide Uphill Activity were held in Jinlong Temple & National Forest Park, in Ganjingzi District. For this district, it was the third consecutive year to host the event. Over 3000 fitness enthusiasts participated in the 10km hiking & uphill activities. In addition, subsection activities were also carried out in Wanda Plaza, Pulandian District, with over 2000 enthusiasts evolved.

In 2018, the Municipal Sports Bureau will do more to benefit people from sports. For example, they will actively build the brand activity system of fitness, with focus on creating 10 international brands and 20 municipal brand activities. Healthy lifestyle will thus be popularized to be a new mode of national fitness. And there has been an annual plan of large-scale national fitness activities of over 500 items, with 3 billion people directly evolved and 6 million watching sports games.

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