Zhuanghe and Dalian High-Tech Zone Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement
2017-09-01 00:56

On August 27, Zhuanghe government and Administrative Committee of Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone signed the 'strategic cooperation framework agreement” in the conference room of Zhuanghe government.  three leaders of Zhuanghe government Sun Hong, Zhao Yongbo, and Li Damin, and the leaders from the high-tech Zone Jin Guowei and Yuan Chi attended the signing ceremony.


Before signing the agreement, Jin Guowei, Secretary of Party Working Committee  and his party visited the university town, Zhuanghe Port, the pension area with leisure, and so on.


Party secretary of Zhuanghe City, Sunhong showed his gratitude to High-Tech Zone’s strong support to Zhuanghe’s development of economy and society on the signing ceremony. He said the signing of 'strategic cooperation framework agreement” is a major event for both sides in the development, which will be a tie to promote cooperation and achieve win-win development. The High-Tech Zone, being full of techniques, talents and industry, is a high-tech area in Dalian. Faced with the critical period of speeding up the pace of scientific development and accelerating the integration of economy with that of Dalian Zhuanghe needs more support from Dalian in technology, projects, talent, and experience in management to strengthen industrial docking of Zhuanghe and Dalian, promote positive interaction between Zhuanghe and Dalian.


Guowei said firstly the High-Tech Zone and Zhuanghe havebecome relatives, and we should keep a very good relationship. Secondly, every item on the 'strategic cooperation framework agreement” should be implemented, and Dalian will cooperate closely with Zhuanghe in R & D platform, industrial transfer and investment to achieve a win-win situation in a high level.


The High-tech Zone donated 1 million yuan to Xianrendong Town in Zhuanghe City to support  the town's economic and social development on the signing ceremony. 

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