The 28th Dalian Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week Opened
2017-05-22 19:11

In the season Sophora flowers are flourishing, distinguished guests from both home and abroad met again to celebrate the opening of the 28th Dalian Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week. Xiao Shengfeng, the mayor of Dalian announced the opening of the festival yesterday morning at the Beach Plaza of Bangchui Island. Later at the ceremony, Xiao Shengfeng and Wei Hongtao, the deputy director of National Tourism Administration jointly unveiled the nameplate for Dalian Municipal Tourism Development Commission. Also present at the ceremony were Lu Lin, the member of Dalian CPC (Communist Party of China) Municipal Standing Committee as well as the deputy mayor of Dalian; Qu Xiaofei, the vice director of Dalian NPC (National People’s Congress) Standing Committee; Hao Fanglin, the vice chairman of Dalian Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Luo Dongsheng, the secretary-general of Dalian People’s Municipal Government.

  Overseas guests who were invited to attend the opening ceremony were Nagasaki Kotaro, the member of Japanese House of Representatives; Shizuka Hideki, the consul general of Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang; OsashiMuratadashi, the director of Japan Travel Industry Association; Tsukabe Yoshikazu, the mayor of the Japanese city of Imari; Matsumoto Teruhito, the deputy mayor of the Japanese city of Kitakyushu; Oomori akihiko, the chief of Ohta-ku district council, Tokyo Prefecture; Oohashi Youji, the senior adviser of All Nippon Airways Holdings Ltd. and Dai Long, the chief operating officer of Asia-Pacific Travel Association. Also present at the ceremony were members of relevant delegations and tourists from Japan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, France, Nepal, Indonesia and other countries or regions.

Dalian hosted the Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival for the first time in 1989. Being successfully held for 27 years since then, the festival has repeatedly won the title of “China’s Most Influential International Tourism Festival”. In the festival, 24 colorful activities involving tourism and cultural exchange, martial arts and tai chi performance, international cultural exchange on martial arts and other activities are to be held in specific townships, districts and counties in Dalian. It’s noteworthy that during the festival, Chinese and Japanese guests will conduct an outdoor hiking activity against the background of flourishing sophora flowers.
  At the ceremony, Tsukabe Yoshikazu expressed his congratulations to the opening of festival. “Taking sophora flowers as the medium, the festival plays the role as a bridge to deepen friendly relations among different countries.”, he said. He hoped that the festival would strengthen exchanges between Dalian, Japan and the rest of the world in economy, trade, culture, tourism and many other fields.
  Dai Long said that Dalian was well-known in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of tourism and urban development. “It’s the first time I come to Dalian, but as soon as I got off the plane, I instantly felt the hospitality of the people in Dalian. I loved the beautiful scenery on the first sight. I experienced the romantic, fashionable and international atmosphere of Dalian at once upon my arrival.”, he said. “When participating in the Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival, Asia-Pacific Travel Association is more confident in promoting tourism in Dalian. We are more willing to make Dalian’s voice to be heard in the world. We support the development of tourism industry in China.”, Dai said.

Lu Lin expressed his gratitude to the Chinese and foreign guests attending the 28th Dalian Sophora Japonica Appreciation Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week. “Dalian sincerely welcomes friends from all over the world.”, he said. “I hope more domestic and foreign guests will fall in love with Dalian, stay in Dalian, invest in Dalian and be integrated into Dalian and cooperate with Dalian more extensively. Dalian is a hotbed for investment. It’s a beautiful, fashionable and romantic city. We welcome investors from both home and abroad so that we can develop together and create a better future.”, he said.

To further promote reform and development of tourism in Dalian, the Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau was renamed the Dalian Municipal Tourism Development Commission after being approved by related provincial and municipal departments. This demonstrates the resolve and practicality on the part of Dalian CPC (Communist Party of China) Municipal Committee and Dalian People’s Municipal Government to achieve leap development of tourism in the city.

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