Lushunkou District carried out the Marine disaster prevention and reduction day campaign
2017-05-15 06:10


A few days ago, Lushunkou District carried out the Marine Disaster Prevention and Reduction Campaign in Iron Mountain streets Chen fishing port, to popularize knowledge of marine disaster prevention and mitigation to coastal fishermen and enhance the consciousness and ability of disaster prevention and reduction.


Department of marine fisheries exhibited 18 pieces of Publicity board to prevent marine disasters prevention publicity board, shows the sea iceand over 300 pictures of marine natural disasters such as sea ice, tsunami and storm surge, hang eight banners advocating 'caring for the ocean is caring our living home', 'to maintain the ecological balance, to benefit for future generations '.They have also set up information desk, at which more than 200 people has counseled, and answered relevant knowledge about the formation of the marine disaster , the relevant laws and regulations concerning protection of marine ecological environment, ecological resources. They also distributed nearly thousand copies of publicity materials about the Marine disaster reduction and prevention and the protection of the marine environment resources. Coastal residents’ awareness of ocean disasters has been further enhanced, and public’s consciousness to protect marine ecological environment and ecological resources has been improved.

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