The 9th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Festival Opened
2017-04-24 22:03

In the evening of April 21, jointly hosted by Dalian Municipal Tourism Administration and Lushunkou District Government, the 9th Dalian (Lushun) International Cherry Festival was opened in No. 203 Cherry Park in Lushun.

Present at the opening ceremony were Li Pengyu, the member of the Dalian CPC (Communist Party of China) Municipal Standing Committee and the director of Dalian Municipal Publicity Department; Qu Wei, the vice chairman of Dalian Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference as well as leaders from No. 92538 Troops, the Municipal Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs. Zhang Feng, the vice director of Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau presided over the opening ceremony. Li Jun, the governor of Lushunkou District Government delivered a speechafter expressing his warm welcome to the tourists. Li Pengyu, the director of the Municipal Publicity Department, declared the opening of the cherry festival.

On the day of the opening ceremony, a large number of people gathered in the No. 203 Cherry Park which is as large as half million square meters. They came specially to appreciate the natural beauty amid the sea of flowers afforded by more than 3,000 cherry trees which were blossoming successively. Moreover, magnolia, forsythia, begonia and cloves were too the attractions for the tourists. Under colorful light, flowers are especially attractive for tourists in the night not only because of the inborn romantic beauty, but also because of the mysterious aroma of enchantment.

With “a smooth journey” as the theme, about 20 series of activities are to be conducted during the cherry festival including mass cultural and sports activities, spring outings, hiking activities and tourist activities. And many incentive measures are to be taken during the festival. The opening ceremony, activities hosted to appreciate cherry flowers in the night, the show of 3D projection against the wall of buildings, the spring pageant of dress show, activities and release conferences based on indigenous culture to promote specific travel products, the World Tour Carnival, cycling, public service activities featuring guide dogs showing the way for the blind, Sakura Music Live (the mini concert specially tailored to the Cherry Festival), cosplay, parent-child garden partying, dance & song show based on Chinese folklore, outdoor hiking, bodybuilding show, hot spring tour, as well as science education activities, green and ecological tourist activities, rural life experiencing activities --- these activities provide a peaceful holiday atmosphere for the tourists.


According to the decision made by Lushunkou District Government, the Baiyu Mountain Scenic Spot, the Eastern Jiguanshan Scenic Spot, the 203 Cherry Park (except during the Cherry Festival) and the Military Harbor Garden will be open to the public free of charge beginning from May 1.

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