Jinpu New District Ushered in Peak Season of Tourism in Qingming Festival
2017-04-11 05:05

Qingming Festival again. In clear and sunny days, the Jinpu New District ushered in the first peak of tourism. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Commerce, 231,600 tourists visited the Jinpu New District in the 3-day festival, paying 262 million Yuan as tourism consumption, which is a double-digit growth compared with last year, signifying that the Jinpu New District has achieved the objective of “safety, order, quality, effectiveness and civility” in terms of tourism.

Short-distance tour around the surrounding areaswas most popular in the Qingming Festival. Tourists mainly from Shenyang, Anshan, Yingkou, Dandong and Dalian drove a total of 35,200 cars when they visited the Jinpu New District. In the festival, the number of overnight tourists has increased remarkably to 27,600 persons, averaging over 1,100 Yuan as consumption per capita.

The management commissions of the scenic spots took various incentive measures to attract tourists in the festival. For example, by issuing most-favored annual cards and conducting specific activities every day to improve the participation of tourists as well as the attractiveness of tourism, the major scenic spots under Jinshitan Tourism Group attracted nearly 130,000 tourists who contributed 4.2 million Yuan as ticket revenue in the 3-day festival. Discovery Land attracted more than 40, 000 tourists because of the grandeur, fascinating art performance and cool atmosphere, making 3.36 million Yuan as ticket revenue in the festival.

Tourist products such as spring outings, rural tour, mountain climbing, hiking and tour for appreciating flowers, picking fruits at farm gardens and hot-spring bathing provide multifaceted choices for the people. Thanks to characteristic experiencing, professional tasting activities and other activities, the ZiyunHuaxi Scenic Spot and Donggou Holiday Resort received over 10,000 tourists in the festival, making over 0.3 million Yuan as ticket revenue. Xiaoheishan, Silengshan, Tongniuling, Fortress Hill Park, Dongjiagou Botanic Garden, Hongxinghai Mountain Park and other scenic spots attracted over 20,000 tourists. Hot springs attracted over 24,700 tourists, contributing 1.47 million Yuan as ticket revenue. Scenic spots featuring hot springs such as Luneng, Tangjingze, Dongquan, Minghu, Tangfeng, Kailun and Huaihua as well AerbinAcquatic Parks were teeming with tourists.

DIY tourist activities around the surrounding areas such as picking strawberries at farm gardens, outings to appreciate flowers, dining at rural home inns and playing at amusement parks, etc. were the mainstream choices. Parent-child tour was especially favored by the tourists. In the 3-day festival, picking fruits at farm gardens and leisure experiencing activities attracted a total of 28,700 tourists to the Jinpu New District, making nearly 720,000 Yuan as ticket revenue.


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