Dalian Lushun Tourism Group Carried out a Training on “Deep Breath” Among the Entire Staff
2017-12-10 05:17

In recent days, the cooperative training of production-study-research organized by Dalian Lushun Tourism Group and Liaoning University of International Business, namely, the training on “deep breath” lecture among the entire staff has been carried out. After the first cooperation between the two sides, the training marks the second cooperation in which teachers from Liaoning University of International Business were invited to give lectures to the staff of Dalian Lushun Tourism Group.

In 2013, in order to further enhance the cooperation between the enterprise and the University, make innovation in the mode of cultivating talents, improve the inner quality of all the staff, raise the level of business management and marketing and promote the rapid development of the enterprise, Dalian Lushun Tourism Group and Liaoning University of International Business established the production-study-research cooperation. On May 29, 2015, the two sides officially held the ceremony for signing the production-study-research cooperation, namely the mutual recruitment ceremony, adhering to the principle of “complementary advantages,resource sharing,mutual benefit and win-win situation and common development ”. The two sides will establish a long-term and close relationship by recruiting teachers mutually. The training base will be built by both two sides and cooperation on management, internship, training and research will be conducted.

 In the past two years, Liaoning University of International Business has arranged students to participate in internship and practical training during the tourism peak. Based on the professional knowledge, the students will make introduction and offer guidance to tourists, especially conduct questionnaire researches so as to provide the first-hand information for the enterprise to make tourist analysis. Dalian Lushun Tourism Group also arranged training among the entire staff during the tourist off-season in accordance with its development requirements. In September this year, we assigned the first batch of four outstanding staff to the University to learn the Strategic management for travel and tourism enterprises and tourism marketing with full-time students in the same class, aiming at cultivating reserved talents for the enterprise.

Aiming to “get training in the short-term and get benefits in the long-term”, the training among the entire staff this year has been arranged in two periods, emphasizing the hot spots in the current tourism market, new media publicity, team construction and other aspects to study. Three courses of new media and tourism hot spots, tourism crisis management and corporate culture and team work have been set up to cope with the current severe tourism situation, to improve the professional and service quality of the entire staff and raise the management level of leaders and cadres through the systematic and targeted training. Besides, the training provides a great opportunity for communication and mutual learning which helps the entire staff to carry out their work in a more efficient way, make more contributions to the Group.

In the future cooperation, we will give full play to the advantages of the two sides. The teaching resources of software and hardware in the University will be targeted to provide such training service as the management of mid-level cadres, development plan, market development, website construction and the establishment of tourism information marketing network for the enterprise. Moreover, the project development and technical assistance will also be offered so as to bring full play to the University’s role in serving as the human resources training base for the Group. Now the Group has selected and assigned veteran middle and senior managers to be the visiting professors and tutors of professional practice of the University and participate in the cultivation of the talents.

With the increasingly deep cooperation between Dalian Lushun Tourism Group and Liaoning University of International Business, the competitive strength of the Group will be enhanced and the service ability of the entire staff will be improved, promoting the development of Lushun Green Economic Zone greatly.

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