Fujiazhuang Attracts Over 100,000 People in Two Days
2016-08-08 02:30

Recently as temperature rises in Dalian, many seaside resorts including Fujiazhuang Park are full of people seeking shelter from the scorching sun. According to sources from Fujiazhuang Park on the 7th, the environment quality around Fujiazhuang bathing beach has remarkably improved thanks to the specific campaign to upgrade the coastal environment in Dalian. Fujiazhuang Park receives an average of 30,000 tourists per day in the peak season, which is an obvious increase compared with last year. About 100,000 people visited the park in two days of last weekend,

Parking lot

Tourists can park their cars in the parking lot before the main entrance to Fujiazhuang Park.
It’s always difficult to find a parking space outside the major scenic spots in the urban area. Since motored vehicles are forbidden to enter Fujiazhuang Park, residents and visitors can park their cars in the parking lot before the main entrance to the park or park their cars in the parking space earmarked by the traffic police along the north side of Binhai Road adjacent to Fujiazhuang Park. After the cross-sea bridge was open to traffic, the traffic flow has sharply increased in summer on every weekend when people set out for a self-driving tour. Considering the heavy traffic as well as limited parking space, the manager of the park suggests citizens take buses and avoid the rush hour.

Fujiazhuang seaside resort attracts numerous people every year because of its popularity. Therefore, security is the priority for the authorities. Police or security personnel can be seen either on the sand beach or roads inside or outside the park. On a watchtower high above the center of the sand beach, watchmen are carefully monitoring the tourists below splashing around in the sea. This year assisted by Dalian Red Cross Society, the management commission of the park continues subject the rescue team consisted of volunteers to intensive training. The management commission took a series of precautionary measures beforehand, such as erecting warning signs on the sand beach, publishing tide tables, repairing watchtowers, purchasing rescue equipment such as binoculars, walkie-talkies, life jackets, etc. Under coordination by the management commission, the park is equipped with high-horsepower rescue boats which can be used at any time by the rescue team in case of any emergency. To protect safety of tourists, related personnel conduct uninterrupted patrols around the beach lest any unforeseen accident would occur.   

Consultation service
10 hours of consultation service is provided each day. Between 8 am and 18 pm, tourists may at the first time may approach the information desk set up below the watch tower at the center of the beach or the mobile police posts or the information desk stationed at the main entrance before Hailuo Plaza to seek for advice, information or help or lodge a complaint if it’s necessary.

A joint action office headed by members of the management commission, the police and other law enforcement personnel is responsible for maintaining order inside Fujiazhuang Park. Security posts are scattered inside and outside the park including Hailuo Plaza before the main entrance to the park. Security guards, police and Blue Shark mobile law enforcement personnel coordinate with each other to eliminate any destabilizing factor or cope with any emergency.

In the peak season, sand beach is not the only choice for tourists. They even erect tents on the lawns. And therefore, it’s important to keep the park clean and hygienic. The management commission of Fujiazhuang park takes many measures such as increasing the number of cleaners and extending the cleaning time for 14 hours to improve the environmental quality.

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